Zombie Crisis

Zombie Crisis Event Feature unlocks at Lv. 97.
Event Time: 14:30-21:30, opens every hour, lasts bout 20 mins

In this teamplay event, every player has equal power and only has their character health. You either get infected from zombie bites or catching the infection from other players. When infection rate reaches 100%, you will become a zombie.

Gameplay and Strategies

The team with the most lives at the end is the winner.

Your team will be randomly re/spawn on the map. In the team, you are RANDOMLY appointed a job skill.

☆Drug Test Skill: Speed of infection Rate halves. Can also set up Plague Trap that infects other players, except for your team.

☆Researcher Skill: Freezing Gun prevents all enemies within its range from moving. Must have good sense of aim direction.

☆Pharmacist Skill: Pharmaceuticals can slow down the virus attack; but cannot completely remove infection. (Pro tip: As long as pharmacist is alive and uses skill as soon as it is available, and infected plague doctor will never need a serum because of its halved infection rate. This tenement is also true for the entire team assuming you control medical station.)

☆Medical Station: By occupying the station in the center, your infection rates will be cut down in half.

*You do not have to stand there to occupy. Like in Love Temple, you can click the Occupy Flag while still moving around.

☆Serum: Use Serum after being infected to remove virus! You can only carry one serum and cannot stack on serums. If you are killed while carrying unused serum, you will drop the serum.(Pro tip: Avoid using serum immediately upon infection unless close to dying/being infected as this will allow you more time to play without fear of being infected again.)

Serum drops on normal zombies are difficult to guarantee; however if you kill a Crazed Zombie, it has a 100% serum drop rate.

You are welcome to participate in Zombies every time; however, you can only get rewards twice a day. Rewards include Wasteland Legacy Chests which provides materials to tame your Mount!
(See next guide for further details on Mount Taming).

Effective Strategies to Max Rewards:
– Stick together, Move Together, Attack Together
– Survive! Get Serum Asap when infected- Extra Rewards for Survival!
– Utilize the medical station when needed and use skills accordingly

-Hide and Cover: Find a corner and just hide from other teams, let the other teams fight and kill each other while you hide and try not to get infected.

-Move and Conquer: Aggressive strat of moving together as a team and eliminating other teams aggressively to finish the event quickly.