Urgent Tasks Intro:

Get masses of EXP from completing Urgent Tasks to upgrade your character even quicker! Fight back wave after wave of monsters to earn EXP and all kinds of items!
The Urgent Tasks are a must-play part of Primal Chaos. Push yourself to the limits and test your control and cooperation with varied gameplays. If this wasn’t enough, you may even trigger Red Packets stuffed full of goodies!
There are three types of Urgent Task to complete; Wipe out Monsters, Guard the Goddess and Kill Bosses! Complete the Task according to the requirements and you can also get Red Packets!
When: All day! Don’t forget to team-up when more players are online for bigger rewards.
Modes: Enter on your own or as part of a team (complete as part of a team to get earnings bonus!)
Limits: Max 3 Urgent Task rewards per day. But, if you don’t complete a task you can try again as you won’t lose one of your daily attempts.
Rewards: Masses of EXP, Glory and Urgent Chests. Urgent Chests contain all sorts of items and if you’re lucky you may get rare items such as Evoshrooms to evolve your Mount or Purple Hammers for use in the Egg Smash! Plus, there’s even a chance of getting Red Packets or Magic Gems!

Pro Tip: If you join a wilds party and a player in that party is a higher level than you, you will be taken to that player’s Wilds map. Wilds maps are separated by levels of 10 (70 wilds, 80 wilds, etc). The advantages of going to a higher level wilds map (specifically boss wilds) include a better chance of getting a Lavalord drop due to the fewer numbers of players that have access to that Wilds.