Spending on this game can immensely boost your experience, making you gain stats and power at a greater rate than normal, and even acquire items or skills that you normally cannot without spending or waiting a very long time. A perfect example of this Is the instrument and godly weapon respectively. You cannot (as of 9.7.2018) acquire the lute instrument without buying it. Tuning, strengthening and even upgrading is possible without recharging for more materials, however Fairy Redstone seldom appears in events (has only appeared once, in the anniversary event). On the other hand, the godly weapon itself, as well as elemental stones and awakening stones can all be farmed via a multitude of events and gameplays, with holiday and magic item event counting towards getting a godly weapon itself. Note that you of course alternatively buy a godly weapon in one day from the recharge for godly weapon event or get it from luck goddess event. Restrictions are in place for players who do not increase their VIP level, and certain aspects of the game will not be available without spending for them. As such this guide’s purpose is to list the most important things to purchase to make your gameplay experience much more enjoyable.


Why should I recharge?

Recharging, or making purchases of gems or packs, will provide you with VIP experience in addition to the gems themselves AND in-game items for the current event that rewards you for recharging within its three-day period. VIP experience will increase your VIP level the more you spend. What does VIP level do? Aside from rewarding you with packs for your progress, it will also allow you to unlock more aspects of the game that you cannot otherwise access. I HIGHLY recommend that you at least reach VIP6 if not VIP8, as this will provide you access to more title slots and thus more PvP power and other stats. It will also allow you to have extra resets of beanstalk, more access to event items, the ability to use the VIP store, and you can buy more energy, stamina, movement points, etc. If you cannot even afford to get to these VIP levels, then AT LEAST recharge to not be VIP0. If you are not a VIP, then you face a great deal of restrictions in the game that make it very hard to play. These include being incapable of buying more than 6 stamina and energy pots a day (4 of which for each you must spend recharge gems to get from the recharge store), you are unable to use more than one title (aside from alliance totem), you cannot reset beanstalk more than once a day, you cannot get items from the VIP store, other aspects of gameplays are limited (Dragon Trainer, fashion/weapon effect activations, no boss lair automatic bonus damage swords, etc.), and among the worst of it all, LIMITED ability to buy materials/event items from event chests in store. This means that if you do not intend to spend on the game at all, you will not be able to claim the recharge bonus for the event NOR event items from chests due to either a very low cap on max chest buys, or an inability to buy the chests at all without VIP1. So, in short, I recommend spending at least enough to not have the restrictions bother your gameplay experience.


What should I recharge/spend on?

Ah, the eternal question. This question has been asked so many times by new players that my sole intention for writing this guide is to throw the link to this guide at them and turn a blind eye. This section of the guide will be split into three components: What EVERYONE should recharge/spend for, what low spenders & casual players should recharge/spend for, and what large spenders & hardcore players should recharge/spend for.



When I mean everyone, I mean the players who intend to play the game continuously, regardless of how much they intend to spend, whether it be a lot, a little, or nothing at all. Even if you just want to play the game in your spare time and not devote every waking moment to it, you should invest into the spends below to make your experience a fun one.

  •         Lifetime/Monthly cards– If you are playing this game and intend to keep playing, I HIGHLY recommend that you purchase the lifetime and monthly cards. The lifetime card is a one-time purchase that will provide you with 100 bonus gems every single day for the rest of your play-time within the game. The monthly card is a monthly payment you can make to receive even more gems every single day in addition to the lifetime card. The more time you consistently make the monthly card purchase, the greater the daily gem reward becomes for the month, with 120 gems a day being the max. While these bonuses don’t seem like much in the short-run, but in the long-run, it adds up to provide a STAGGERING amount of gems total.
  •         Godly weapon- Buy this. Trust me, you’ll need it, especially if you are a summoner, as their actual base damage is increased by 50% upon maxing out the godly weapon skill. As you progress through the game you will find it to be exceptionally hard gain certain stats without the aid of godly weapon modifiers. While gems will provide most of the base stats, godly weapon awakenings are still key. In time you can farm upgrades for godly weapon, but at least try to get the base weapon immediately if possible. It can become rather expensive for some people even to get the first weapon, but you can partially recharge for it and farm the rest in your leisure through other events if you want to be more forgiving to your wallet.
  •         Energy Pots- Stages provide the highest form of exp gain in the game, and energy is needed to do them. Buy energy pots. Every. Single. Day. This isn’t a suggestion, this is an order. Leveling up in the game ahead of others provides you with access to new content and gear sooner than them, which in turn will forever give you an advantage over them in certain aspects of the game unless they spend to surpass you. Leveling fast also allows you to sell new gear on trader LARGE profit, get important stats before others to win gameplays, get a grip on new content faster, and above all else, provides you with a sooner opportunity to breakthrough your heroes/knights for extremely large increases in power and stats. (Please note that the faster you level the more likely you will need to partake in some form of alchemy event to keep up your heroes’ levels with your own.) Furthermore, you gain more souls from stage grinds, which in turn increases the levels of your goddesses and vipers more than other players who spend less on energy pots. How many energy pots should you buy? Well that depends on how much you can buy. Without higher VIP levels you are unable to buy the max amount of pots. I personally recommend a minimum of six a day, but feel free to take more to keep up with people with who spend more to level faster. Don’t overexert your gem spend on energy pots if you can’t afford it however, as that would be counterproductive.
  •         Breakthroughs/Slot unlocks- Breakthroughs or unlocks that involve gems (magic ring upgrades, tame, knight spots, holy weapon spots, gem slots, etc.) are a smart use of your gems. While it may not seem strictly necessary to do them right away, to do so will allow you to gain more of necessary stats, power, and ranking. In time these will add up to be very savvy investments for your gems.


Low Spenders & Casuals

Low spenders (in my eyes) are players who don’t intend to surpass VIP10 or those who after spending a lot on the game have since devoted themselves to playing without paying. Casuals will be classified as those who intend to play the game just for the sake of having a little fun every now and again without wanting to invest much time or money into the game. The things listed here to spend on will mainly consist of continuous grinds of events or limited time deals/events that give these low spenders a boost in their gameplay experience.

  •         Growth Fund/Magic Beans- Buying these will provide players will many gems for a lowered cost. While not strictly necessary to buy, it is a great investment of your money if you are both willing to spend a little and play for an extended period. If you are going to buy these I recommend doing so before they eventually reset them and allow you to purchase them again.
  •         Gold Egg (SS Hero) Event- The SS hero event allows you to smash eggs for a potential chance at a SS hero soul, which can be used to upgrade S class heroes into SS, and then further level their upgrades with more souls. This is an important increase in the base stats of the heroes that receive the SS hero upgrades, and as such they should be an important part of a player’s spending agenda. Word to the wise- don’t directly smash the eggs with gem payments to try for a SS hero. Instead, spend some gems on upgrades and acquire Golden Hammers via 50% tickets that you are awarded for spending gems. This will provide a discounted number of gems spent to smash the same amount of eggs (assuming you had hammers/tickets saved up from prior events), or at the very least will let you spend half the gems on other upgrades/items. The trick to this event is consistency. Make sure to put aside enough hammers/gems prior to do 14 smashes. Combine those 14 smashes with the 6 free smashes and you get two smashes with an increased chance for an SS hero soul, and you will receive fragments from the event end regardless of rank. Also 200 points will normally be enough to rank on the event leaderboard as well, which means even if you don’t smash a soul out of an egg (never thought I’d say that), you more than likely get 1 soul via the ranking leaderboards fragment rewards. Prior to smashing for heroes, make sure you actually need the hero in question, as that makes it easier to gloss over an SS hero event that gives a hero soul you don’t need, and in turn allows you to stock up on hammers/coupons.
  •         Alchemy- Alchemy events are events that give items at a discounted amount, by using gems and the item in question to produce more of the item (AMAZING RIGHT?). Be sure to only partake in the necessary alchemy events and not waste your gems on farmable things. Good alchemy events to partake in are tooth, stat gem, PvP ring material, and tame materials. Note that previously I would have said to not do tame materials in alchemy since they are very easily farmable via zombie crisis, however that event has been removed from the game, so alchemy is a good way to get what you need. Shroom, blueberry, and mirage crystal alchemy are not good spends. Trust me, late game you will come to regret spending on these as you will have so much of the materials/items you will not know what to do with them. Mirage alchemy is viable if you want to work on your knights and don’t want to wait to farm them from stages, but still better to be patient. Shroom alchemy is better alternative to gemming mount upgrades however, so if you want to get a cool looking mount for the sake of a cool looking mount, then go for it at your own caution.
  •         Magic Item Event- The magic item event allows you to get discounted elemental stones, gem blessings (through holy water), evoshrooms, and even a godly weapon (through fragments) for cheap, among other items. Recharging during this event, and spending gems on the event chests in the VIP store is a good investment into getting some serious upgrades, especially if you can’t straight up gem them since they cost a lot.
  •         Melody Goddess/Instrument- If you spend some gems & recharge to get the Melody Goddess and an instrument respectively, then you stand to gain a lot of power via instrument tuning and an increase in the effectiveness of your skills in combat. Getting a Melody goddess takes priority over the other red goddesses you can get via events as it is directly related to how effectively you can tune the instrument. Unfortunately, it can take several events to get enough fragments to get her to +5 as that is the minimum you want her to be before you begin tuning your instrument. Patience and diligence is necessary to acquire her without spending loads of gems. As for the instrument, it can’t be acquired except by recharging, meaning that if you want it and its benefits you will have to spend. Luckily it isn’t too expensive to get, nor is its upgrades.
  •         Dragon Skills- I recommend you recharge during the dragon skills event to get dragon skill items to subsequently get dragon skills. They can give very large modifiers for very important stats for all aspects of your build, not unlike godly weapon awakenings. There is also the signature dragon skill you can activate by getting 4 golds skills. Unfortunately, this can be very gem tedious as you need to get 2 golds in a row with one cast, so don’t expect to get this in a small number of gems unless you are very lucky. Players have spent tens of thousands to get the skill and still fail. 
  •         Holy Weapon Event- This event seldom ever appears, but when it does you can get massive discounts on embers and holy weapons via recharge and spending, in addition to being able to activate your holy weapon tiers and holy skills more easily. While it can become expensive if you choose to indulge in it a lot, I recommend at least recharging or spending a little on discount embers and combining that with saved up embers to help you complete your holy weapons.
  •         Daily Recharge Rewards- This a continuous event that is always present to reward you with items for recharging a very little amount each day. Some days it is worth spending on this, other days it is not. Determine when to spend your money for the sake of items that will help you progress through the game. (Good items to recharge for are gems and energy, among other things.)
  •         Holiday Events/Special Events- These events are very rare- they only occur a few times a year and are never the same in terms of rewards and individual events that compose the entirety of its existence. These events include Halloween, Christmas, Anniversary, Easter, and more. They often offer amazing deals on normally expensive items, or even provide access to new and hard to come by items such as a 4-spot holy place. These are great events to both recharge and spend your gems on as they can get you a great deal of necessary materials, items, and upgrades.


Large Spenders & Hardcore Players-

This group of players will consist of mainly VIP11 & VIP12 players who have spent thousands to make themselves stronger in game and are subsequently either high power, strong, monument players, or all the above. Keep in mind that it is possible to spend atrociously large amounts of money on this game and waste it all on silly and ultimately useless upgrades that will result in a very mediocre player for the amount spent that cannot defeat players who have spent far less than they have. If you are a large spender, then I expect you to already partake in the above listed events and on a greater scale than that of players who have a smaller budget to blow on the game. The items listed below will be things that I have not mentioned in this guide yet and should only be indulged by player who can afford to take it all the way to the necessary amounts.

  •         Extra Beanstalk Resets- Resetting beanstalk extra times and then raiding it once again is a great way to acquire extra materials needed for upgrades, farming, and even awakening. While it is worth the investment to do this every day for players with deep enough pockets such as yours, players who cannot afford to spend an extra 200 to 700 gems a day resetting beanstalk without overall losing gem accumulation daily, should not partake in this spend, as the cost does add up over time to be very pricey. I recommend avoiding the 3rd reset for 500 gems unless you can afford to continually reset without penalty.
  •         Dragon Pacts/Dragon Levels- Recharging for dragon star upgrades is a very pricy adventure to partake, however with multiple upgrades/levels accumulated, you become more powerful against player both in AI fights involving your toon’s bot, and in live PvP. In addition to being very pricy for your wallet and gem count to gain star upgrades and dragon levels respectively, it becomes a massive coin drain. Take care to not overspend on trying to upgrade/level these as much as possible without keeping an eye on your coin total, as coin is an important aspect of your upgrading, refining, and leveling end of the game.
  •         Red Goddess Events- I have mentioned Melody goddess as something that even low spenders should partake in getting, but for larger spenders such as yourselves, I recommend you not only get Melody goddess to +10 immediately to tune your instruments more effectively, but consider getting more melody goddesses if you intend to be able to CRIT other players who invest into a lot of toughness. At a certain point it becomes pointless to push too much crit as it not only takes away from your other stats, but players will amass enough toughness on their heroes to block it anyways. In addition to Melody, there is Ista and Chang’e which give massive amounts of parry and dodge respectively when upgraded to high levels and placed alongside multiple additions of the same goddess on a hero/character. I personally recommend invest into these goddesses A LOT as the sheer number of stats they give can make it very hard for players with low fusion toughness to kill you, especially when placed within a hero or character bar that is very tanky/full of other upgrades. (Note that there is Lolita which you can get from some special events, but it is not that special of a goddess.)
  •         Gem Blessings- Blessing your gems is EXTREMELY helpful for reducing the amount of damage you receive from players and increasing the amount of damage you deal in PvP. Blessing gems on all aspects of your build (maybe even deploy) will make you much more powerful in versus battles and make your AI harder to defeat. The reason I include gem blessings in the larger spender section rather than the low spenders section is that is that while it doesn’t necessarily take an impossible number of gems to bless gems, it does accumulate to a very large amount if you aren’t careful about how you bless. Also keep in mind that to get the most out of blessings, you need high level gems, and despite partaking in alchemy and constantly getting gems from glory or events, it can be challenging to get a high number of gems for all aspects of your build, both heroes and character, without spending a lot. Especially since level 10 gems require a sacred stone to be created.
  •         Godly Weapon Upgrades- Unlike lower spenders you can use more of your money on the game- put it to use in one of the biggest increases in both power and stats that can make or break a person’s gameplay. That’s right- godly weapon awakenings. The more you upgrade it the more awakenings you can take and the more powerful they become. If you have the gems to spare, upgrade your godly weapon as much as you can without draining your resources to take better modifiers for damage, damage mitigation, and increased survival.
  •         Monthly Fashion Package- While this package only gives a few gems and temporary fashion, it provides a) hella style, and b) the potential to sell the expired fashions for large amounts of coin, which then can be used to upgrade more things. It is useful for players who have used up their coin stash on upgrades and need another source of coin to continue upgrading/leveling/refining.
  •         Fashion- New fashion can be pricy or hard to obtain, however it is a necessity for higher spenders such as yourselves to get these fashions. Why? The PvP power. While 2 PvP isn’t much to look at, the more fashions you get the more you accumulate, and in time having 15 fashions will warrant 30 pvp power, which is equal to an Odin’s set holy weapon activation on a 4 spot. The more you amass, the more PvP you can have over your opponents.
  •         Knights- As I mentioned before, you can spend on tooth and mirage crystal alchemy to get more teeth for less and crystals faster. Take advantage of this as a higher spender and use the teeth/mirage crystals to make your knights high powered, and in turn give your heroes more stats. It is important to invest into the knights that help keep you alive and dish out more damage, such as wise and thunder knights respectively. The more you invest into knights, levels, enchants, and other fine tunings, the more powerful your fusion heroes become.
  •         Godly Orbs- Personally, I very much dislike this aspect of the game. In addition to the return not being much for gems used/recharge done, the ability to farm for mats outside of the god eater sword event is very, very, very limited. Regardless, if you spend during the event and use the subsequently gained god eater swords to gain godly orb materials, you can increase the stats of your heroes in lineup to become more powerful, albeit by a near negligible amount. Multiple upgrades continue to make it more inclined to being useful in time but is one of the lesser events/upgrades you can afford to invest into.
  •         Shapeshift- Now THIS is a nice upgrade. Recharging during the shapeshift coin push event or using your gems to get materials from the chests in the event is a good way to farm the martials you need to unlock/upgrade shapeshift. Unfortunately, this event has not been seen in months, so the only way to farm materials for shapeshift as of now is via beanstalk raids and alliance dragon training, Once you acquire the necessary amount of materials for shapeshift, you can choose to use a shapeshift book (which can only be found from the previously mentioned suspended coin event), or in its place spend 6k gems to bypass the need for the book. You will need 6k gems to unlock shapeshift and then another 6k to unlock the skill itself. Subsequent upgrades of the shapeshift and skill will then cost 2 books each, then 3, and then finally 4 each. So, as you can imagine, it’s a VERY large gem drain, and is hard to farm without the event, making it an aspect of the game that is limited to a select few for the time being.


Things not to buy/spend on-

There are certain things that, simply put, are a terrible investment of your money and/or gems. An example of this is blueberry alchemy, an event that no person should never partake in ever. Not only do players get massive number of blueberries just by playing the game, the amount needed will never exceed the amount you have unless you decide very early game to max your mount. I will list below items akin to this, ones that players should not spend on unless they have a near unlimited ability to recharge and explain why.

  •      Blueberry Alchemy- As explained above, it’s a terrible investment of your gems and should not be utilized unless you have gems to burn.
  •      Godly Orb- This is an event that in my opinion, should only be invested into if you can go all the way. For higher spenders, go for it, for everyone else, steer clear of it as there are better investments to make for your account.
  •      Wings/Mount Skins- Wings and mount skins are among the worst investment of your money that you could possibly make. Not only are they EXTREMELY expensive to get (usually), they provide very little stats on melding and for the amount spent to acquire them, is not worth it. The only instance in which I would not condone getting them would be of you get them as a reward for spending elsewhere (spending rank event), and not actually devoting your money, gems, or event materials to getting them. Again, if you can afford to buy these wings or skins without it taking away from the upgrades you could have gotten, then, purchase them.
  •      Purple Egg Smashes- Alright this is one of my biggest regrets starting off the game. I thought that the only way to get the higher-grade heroes would be to save up your gems and use them to smash purple eggs. What I didn’t know was that you could farm these heroes without the use of gems at all, as well as purple hammers to smash the eggs. It is not a good early game investment to use up the gems the game gives you at the start on heroes as those gems are very useful for making other upgrades. This is an obvious point for veteran players, but for newer players it is important to make the distinction between this game and others when It comes to getting high powered units. Also, if you feel yourself wanting more hero souls later in the game, still refrain from spending on purple egg smashes, as gold egg smashes are superior in their potentially direct and post-ranking rewards.
  •      Trader- NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Buying items from trader when they are initially released into the market (Higher level players throwing new grade gear or stars into trader), is quite probably the worst investment of your gems you could ever make. Not only does it use up your recharge gems, it is blatantly apparent that the prices listed for new gear is EXCESSIVELY greater than the actual item’s worth. Allow me to explain how trader, while a good place for trading items between players or from alts to main, is not a place where you should purchase items for their initially listed price. Initially when R2 gear was acquired by high-level players, it was sold on the trader for thousands of gems. That’s right, THOUSANDS. Flash forward a few months and guess what? R2 gear, specifically the boss lair gears, are completely worthless, going for about 75 gems apiece at most. Maybe more if it has good stats. This is the inevitable end of trader- where all the items on the market are no longer purchased by any players because they are all maxed on refines. So rather than buying at the cost of thousands of gems when they are first released, be patient at buy them when the price drops to a very low amount. (Hell, you may end up farming all the refines you need for yourself using your main, alts, and trading.) Trader still has uses later in game of course, and items that are still being bought are mainly magic rings used to level up the equipped magic ring players have, as well as gear for newer/returning players, albeit at a very low price.
  •      3-Spot Holy Places- If you as a player are going to specifically recharge for a 3 spot, it would highly advise you to wait till a 4-spot event comes around, as a 4-spot holy place is vastly superior to a 3 spot, mainly due to the increase in the efficiency of holy weapon skills by 50%, but also by the addition of more goddesses to a specific unit. If you intend to get the 4 spots regardless and use the 3 spots as a placeholder, up until it becomes fed into the 4 spots for holy spot levels, then go for it. Otherwise, if you have a budget in mind for this game, refrain from buying holy places that aren’t 4 spots.
  •      Recharge limited-time packs- Alright now hear me out. Some of these packs are REALLY good, and typically show up when you hit a particular level milestone. Good packs to buy include the godly weapon pack, which gives a godly weapon for a cheaper amount than getting it via the event. However, there are packs that are just mediocre and not worth your money- the double star packs being a clear example. Not only will the double stars become irrelevant and super easy to farm later in the game, but a “better” version of the pack will appear every 10 levels after lvl 170. Technically speaking, it will give you more bang for your buck than simply recharging from the store, but unless you were planning on recharging in the first place anyways, don’t recharge specifically for these packs.
  •      Nightmare Dungeon Tokens- While these at their discounted prices are technically cheaper than outright buying the items, it’s just not a good investment to buy these in general unless you were planning on using gems to get the materials they give anyways. Alts and farming lairs/wilds already provide enough of these mats daily anyways, and you really shouldn’t bother yourself with these tokens unless you have gems to burn.
  •      Viper event- There is an event that allows the player to get a gold viper(s) via recharging 36k gems, which is a terrible investment of your money if you are on a limited budget. You can easily farm gold viper from altar given enough time and souls, meaning that recharging for the sake of getting the viper specifically is not a good idea- unless you were, for some reason, willing to spend that much anyways, or if there is a greater incentive for recharging that much during the event. Again, if you have near unlimited funds to work with, then, spend away.
  •         Runes- You should not spend on events that give runes, nor should you spend for extra tries in alliance campaign. This is because once you get to the last few campaign stages, you will be able to farm red runes VERY easily, every single day. Spending on runes prior to recharging these stages or spending for extra tries won’t necessarily mean that you will be getting anything that you couldn’t have gotten had you waited. Patience will save you hundreds to thousands of gems.
  •         One-Armed Bandit- Using gems to do extra spins is also a terrible investment of gems- assuming you don’t get very lucky. I would recommend you buy the 10 daily chips from alliance merit store (assuming you have a good merit farm set up and can afford to do so), then placing a 5-bet chip every spin and doing two daily (more if you get up to 15 chips from daily claim). This will win time warrant you the rewards for high score and progression wins, without the need to spend gems to do it.
  •         Alliance Donations- If you are high enough VIP level you can alternatively use gems to gain merit and exp for your alliance. I would highly recommend against doing this on your main, as it is a frivolous waste of gems to do so. Instead, I recommend you farm merit via alts (read the alt guide to get started) and use normal, not recharge gems on your alts to farm even more merit if you want.
  •         High-level Attribute Blessings- This is a relatively new addition to the game which allows a player to either select a free buff in their attributes or a 30-gem paid attribute increase every time they enter a PvP gameplay or event. I highly recommend that you do not indulge in this, UNLESS it is for a special event such as Strongest Team, Melee/Apex, or Holy Grail War, as these have very good rewards and a lot of player will be gunning for a win. In other, more trivial and daily/farmesque PvP modes, don’t do it. Spending 30 gems for every instance of PvP adds up to some serious losses in gem count over time, which can ultimately cost you tens of thousands of gems in the long run.
  •         Extra Dungeon Tries– Nope, don’t even think about it. Not only is it ridiculously expensive, you will be able to farm the necessary fates needed in time regardless, and merit can be acquired by less gem-intensive means. It isn’t even worth it to farm extra dungeons during the magic item event, but again if you have an infinite number of gems then go for it.
  •         Basically Everything- There are a myriad of things that you can spend on in this game, HOWEVER, you do not especially NEED to, as there is almost always a workaround. For the things that you should buy I have listed them in this guide, but to try and list every little thing that isn’t a good idea to invest your money or gems into would be far too excessive. So instead, I will leave you with this: Come to terms with what is a necessary spend, and what is a frivolous spend, PRIOR to spending for it. It is important to not waste your money and gems if you cannot spend to make up for the loss, or will be sacrificing other, more important, upgrades in its place.



These events, gem spends, and upgrades mentioned here are the most useful to partake in, in my eyes and in the eyes of those who are in the Chaotic Helpline. To spend on other things, or not spend strictly as you should be spending according to this guide is perfectly fine- you are your own person after all. Experiences and necessities will differ based on your server, players you fight, and how much you want to become invested into the game itself. Take care in following these recommendations if you need some guidance on what is a good spend to make, or what is not a good idea to indulge in.