Come (6.14.2018) a new update for the warrior class was released, of which, revamped the godly weapon skill to benefit the class’ survival while also promoting the taking of certain stats on fused heroes. The inclusion of the parry immune to fused heroes now makes warriors far more adept at being able to mitigate damage than previously. Parry proced immune is an ability that is unique to warriors in pvp and is granted via their godly weapon. It allows for a 30% chance (at godly weapon skill +10) of triggering its every time a warrior parries, and it negates any incoming damage from that hit.


What is parry?

Parry is a stat that is triggered through accumulation of the stat itself and lots of toughness. Your own toughness works in relation to your opponent’s toughness and crit stats to mitigate incoming damage by preventing critical hits against your heroes and character. It also works against the enemy’s toughness to determine if you can parry (and dodge) their hits. To trigger parry consistently it is important to take excess amounts of toughness in addition to the parry stat itself on the hero/character to proc it there. When triggered, parry will both stop the attack from being a critical hit and will reduce the incoming damage by 50%, effectively cutting the damage the hit could have inflicted by a vast amount.


What is immune/immunity?

With immune/immunity being prevalent in many different skills, godly weapons, and as a stat with nearly the same name, it’s possible to confuse the two or not even realize there is a difference. As such I will be explaining the differences between the different types of immune and immunity.

  •         Immunity- This is classified as a stat, and even though it is listed as “Immune” on the advanced stats and blessing pages, it is referenced differently on the bloodline and warrior godly weapon as immunity. As such, to avoid confusing it with immune, henceforth it shall be referred to as immunity. Immunity is bonus damage reduction that is provided through multiple sources, the most being from gem blessings. Other sources are Belandry 100* enchant effect, bloodline godly for the duration of a combo, warrior godly, and even vipers. It does not negate damage nor the effects of skills, but instead simply makes it harder for the enemy to kill you with their attacks via damage reduction.
  •         Immune- Immune is not damage reduction: It is damage negation. It prevents you from taking damage from a hit when it is triggered, and can ONLY be triggered from a parry in pvp by warriors. When warrior parry immune is triggered, you will also be immune to debuffs that the enemy would have otherwise placed on you had the hit in question not proced immune (i.e. silence, viper bleed/def & toughness reduction, warrior stun, etc.). There are different types of immune however, the other type being princess paralyze immune. Unlike parry proced immune, princess proced immune is a byproduct of being previously snared by the princess aoe and rooted in place. Because princess is “balanced” they allow a brief period of time during which you can’t be snared by the same princess after getting trapped previously. When another paralyze is triggered in this period of pity immune, a green “immune” will pop up and you will not be paralyzed. However, for reasons I won’t discuss here, princess paralyze is still broken as hell (read the Summoner Class Guide if you want to know why).


What has changed?

With the addition of the warrior update being implemented, parry immune can now be triggered on fusion heroes in addition to character, whereas previously it was simply only able to proc on character. Why is this such a large change? It’s simple: Warriors don’t have to focus as much on mitigating incoming damage if they get their heroes and char to parry the hits and subsequently proc immune. This allows for a greater focus on dps, or alternatively, even more of a focus on damage mitigation as opposed to before. In short, the warrior class can now take more hits ASSUMING their heroes and character are built up properly to allow for the parrying of hits from players. While I understand that many players are not able to parry the hits of their opponents because they have an excess of power or stats over them, it is still viable to proc parry and immune against players at your own power or skill level and will become far more useful to you once you’ve grown as a player. Alternatively, higher power warriors who can almost always trigger a parried hit from their heroes due to their excess stats will now benefit greatly, as those excessively parried hits will now proc immune.


How do I use Immune?

As stated previously, parry immune is triggered via the warrior godly weapon with a 30% chance every time they parry. However, there are certain heroes that you don’t want to build up parry on, simply because it would take away from the other, more essential stats that they need. If you as a player spend a lot of money on the game or can farm enough to increase your parry stat without taking away from the others, then feel free to ignore this section. However, if you cannot afford to be happy-go-lucky on your build, I recommend building up parry and toughness on your exo and char, and not your endo (assuming your endo is Hela). Endo has enough protection via perseverance runes if you want to increase its survivability, and as such, investing into parry more than crit is a waste, as for a lot of players endo is the greatest source of their damage. Investing into parry won’t help endo survivability much either, as the chances of immune proc are slim in the increasingly small hp and def pool of Hela. The tankier your exo, the more use you will have from this new update, as building up toughness and parry on a hero such as Bahamut would provide greater chances at damage negation and more parries in general as opposed to a less tanky hero like Odin.