Recently a large update to the game has brought to us three new vipers, all with varying effects. This guide is meant to explain how each of these vipers work and to help prevent confusion as to the descriptions of the viper skills. Keep in mind that this will not be an introductory guide to vipers, nor will it include descriptions of old viper’s effects, as those are already included in another guide which you can view here.



These new vipers have NO specific pacts in altar. This means that to get the new vipers at all or a higher grade, you need to buy random fragments and combine, and hopefully you will get the viper you are looking for. To get to gold grade you will need to unlock the random gold fragments, which can only be done by unlocking the previous grade in altar pacts.


Spirit Cost-

  • Green Fragment- 900 spirit for 25 frags
  • Green Viper- 3600 spirit
  • Blue Fragment- 2880 spirit for 20 frags
  • Blue Viper- 14400 spirit
  • Purple Fragment- 10800 spirit for 15 frags
  • Purple Viper- 72000 spirit
  • Gold Fragment- 36000 spirit for 10 frags
  • Gold Viper- 360000 spirit



Skills are easily the most important part of a viper and make each type unique. Each viper has a myriad of uses in pvp battles, some more than others in particular events or gameplays. The skill of a viper can be upgraded via training every 20 lvls with lvl 30 being the first upgrade (E.g. lvl 30, 50, 70, etc.). Be sure to acquire every type of viper, regardless of what is your preference, as there are different gameplays where certain vipers will outshine others. Thus, every type must be kept to become interchangeable at a moment’s notice.


  • Abyss Hydra (Disable)- This viper is very interesting and useful as it provides a new form of debuff called disable. When an enemy is disabled they take an increased amount of damage from player’s attacks for 4 secs. The % of increased damage they take will increase as you level up the viper more. The chance of procing the disable effect increases as you gain more growth attributes for ATK. The catch behind this skill? The skill only procs on your DEPLOY’S hits, not your own. This means that in order for this skill to actually be used in live pvp against other players, your deploy must have enough toughness to counteract the targets dodge stat, otherwise nearly every hit will miss, and the skill will never proc. It must also, well, LIVE long enough to proc the stat, which against multiple enemies or a high-powered opponent will usually mean that you will never get a proc in before it dies. The other aspect of this viper however, is VERY useful. According to the description, it states that the skill reduces the effect of “Tough Rune” by 50%. According to the developers of the game, as of (11.1.2018) this is in fact a mistranslation, and it should say PERSAVERANCE runes. This means that simply by equipping the viper, your opponent’s ability to reduce damage via perseverance runes becomes cut in half. This skill does not depend on deploy hits either and will activate immediately upon possession of the viper.
  • Pitviper Dragon (Damage Reduction)- Pitviper dragon increases the -DMG of the viper attributes by +x%, where x is a base of 205 and increases as you level up your viper. The other aspect of this viper is also very useful- Invincible. When being attacked, you have a 10% chance of procing invincible status. When the skill activates, you take a reduced % of damage from incoming attacks, the amount of % being dependent on your viper’s growth attributes for -dmg. The description for this skill is a little confused so allow me to elaborate: When it states fighting unit, this means any part of your fusion- Exo, endo, or character, will all have the chance to proc invincible on a hit, assuming viper is still alive- making this a very powerful skill indeed.


  • Blade Scale Wolf Dragon (Leech)- The name for this viper is one thing, its skill is another. Leech is like the bloodthirsty shadows elite skill on a bloodline, but for your deploy. When this viper is equipped, your deploy will heal an x% of the damage your DEPLOY inflicts to your enemies. The % of the heal will increase as you level up the viper. The other aspect of this skill is that when one of your fusion heroes die, a % of its atk and +dmg will transfer to your character. The % amount will increase based on how much ATK growth attribute your viper has; the more you have, the more will be transferred. Keep in mind that this transfer will only be conducted and will retain only if your deploy is alive- so don’t let it die.

Other Important Information:

  • The third viper possession spot will open up one week from viper 2.0 update (1.8.2018)
  • Eventually there may be additions of new viper pacts to altar, but as of now the developers do not have any intention of adding them.