Underground Castle

Underground Castle unlocks at Lv.77.

This game play allows players to fight mobs and earn huge rewards based on the floor you reach.

Here are some guidelines to Underground Castle:

✦ You must find the key in order to clear the stage
✦ Each floor has a time limit of 5 minutes
✦ Rewards include incubators, magic gems, merit, time capsules, hero spirit,  and risk points


Clearing A Floor

When you first click on Underground Castle will will see what rewards will be available and how many risk points you have. You will also see what floor you are on, what that floor’s rewards are, and how many tries you have left. You have a total of five (5) tries per day but can buy up to three (3) more with VIP 11.

In order to clear each floor you need to find a key to unlock the exit portal. The key will either be on a boss or on a group of mobs. You’ll be able to see the key above their name. Once you’ve killed them and got the key, you can locate the exit portal and the floor will be cleared. The lock icon that shows next to your floor level will indicate if you have obtained the key needed to exit or not.

As you’re progressing through the floor to find either the key or the exit portal, you will come across several mobs. These mobs will add +1 second to your timer. In this game play there is no auto function available, it has to be manually run.

The rewards you can obtain by clearing a floor and reaching a certain amount of risk points include; magic gems, risk points, incubators, hero spirit, merit, and time capsules. The amount of each reward you receive is determined by how many floors you have cleared. Higher floor means more rewards.