Twilight Of The Gods

Twilight of the Gods is an event feature that opens every Thursday 10:00 until Sunday 20:00. This event serves as the Qualification and Placement Round for Armageddon War.

Top 40 Players can enter Armageddon War “Apex Battlefield” and the Top 41-200 Players can enter Armageddon War “Skirmish Battlefield”.

Your rank placement is determined by how many total points you have by reset each day til Sunday 20:00. You must get your challenge tries by 20:00 sharp.

*All challenges are cut off at EXACTLY Sunday 20:00, so if you go past 20:00 while challenging a player, that challenge and points does NOT count unfortunately.

In order to qualify and go up the ranks, you must challenge players with the most points. You get 10 Free Challenges per day. You have the option to purchase extra tries using RC gems. *Warning: Price increases with daily purchases. Limit is 20 challenge tries total.

** If you want to get into Top 40, wait til 19:50-53 to get all your 10 challenge tries in (and maybe buy extra tries) and get to top 40 by 20:00. Keep challenging players til the cut-off, because other players will keep hitting you for points til the very last second.

Rewards include massive Glory points for each challenge and optional rewards on Goddess fragments or gold coins, and Armageddon War Qualification for each respective battlefield.

Armageddon War

Armageddon War starts at Sunday 22:00-22:12. The war is separated into two battlefields: Apex and Skirmish. Top 40 Players in “Twilight of the Gods” can enter “Apex Battlefield”. Top 41-200 Players can enter “Skirmish Battlefield”.

The Armageddon War is a huge PvP Battle Event like Alliance War except you are on your own (solo; no team or alliance) against everyone else.

The Battlefield Map is the same for Skirmish and Apex, with random buffs (such as +DMG boost, 2x Double Points) and random debuffs (such as Lava Floor) across the field. You are RANDOMLY spawned anywhere in the map so always be prepared.

Rewards include: Exclusive Title, Dragon Mount Skins, and Glory.

*Titles are NOT permanent and must be renewed every week depending on placement in Twilight and Armageddon War.

♥: Use “God Ascension” Status to turn into a God. You will receive points every 5 seconds for 45 seconds, but status will disappear if you are killed. Killing a player with God Ascension is worth massive points!

♛: Top 3 Players on the points rankings will receive “Champion” status during the war and worth MASSIVE points if killed. Regular players without crowns are worth only 40+ points.

**Kill players with special statuses to receive more points!

Titles And Mount Skins

Top 1 in “Skirmish Battlefield” receives the title “Seal Prophet” which gives +25 PVP boost.

Top 40 in “Apex Battlefield” are guaranteed with the title “Doomsday Messenger” which gives +40 PVP Boost only if they participated in the event.

Top 10 in “Apex Battlefield” receive the same title “Doomsday Messenger” with the addition of Aranos T-Rex Mount Skin.

Top 2-3 in “Apex Battlefield” receive the title “Doomed Soul” which gives +50 PVP boost with addition of Destanar T-Rex Mount Skin.

Top 1 in “Apex Battlefield” receive the title “Lord of Destruction” which gives +60 PVP Boost with addition of Tyranor T-Rex Mount Skin.