Treasure Plunder

Treasure Plunder unlocks at Lv. 23.

This game play feature lets players battle other players for treasure fragments. Players will also receive exp, coins, and other rewards for winning a challenge.

Here are some guidelines for Treasure Plunder:

✦ Each plunder attempt costs 2 Stamina.

Cannot plunder other players between 23:00 and 9:00 only bots.

✦ Players must own at least one treasure fragment in order to plunder more fragments of that treasure.

✦ Players cannot lose all their fragments from being plundered, There will always be one treasure fragment left.

Collecting Treasure Fragments

Treasure Plunder 4Treasure Plunder 2

In Treasure Plunder, you will be able to view what grade (red fates, gold fates, red, gold, blue, green) treasure fragments that they have as well as what type (cores, jade souls, anima, crystals, magic, relics, and EXP).

Clicking on a fragment piece not obtained (in gray) yet will allow you to fight other players for that corresponding fragment.

Auto plunder feature unlocks at Lv. 100. It will automatically fight with bots until you run out of stamina or have all the fragments to combine.

Players are marked by the Difficult label regardless of power, bots will only have Plunder and Plunder x10 options. Plundering players will yield the better results for higher grade fragments (gold, red, fates) compared to plundering bots.

Treasure Plunder 1

A successful plunder will not only give players the fragment they fought for, but also coins, exp, and a random item. If challenging an opponent with a much weaker power level, players will receive an automatic win.

You cannot plunder players between 23:00 and 9:00, but you can challenge bots for an automatic win. However, fighting bots is not only time consuming, but ends up costing stamina. Not every win will result in successfully obtaining a treasure fragment.

Treasure Plunder 3

Truce tokens can be used if a player will be away, or has a high grade fragment they wish to not be plundered. Each truce token gives 4 hours of truce time. Players can use several truce tokens at once in order to get more than 4 hours of truce time.

TIP: Use your truces after reset to protect your treasures for the next day if you cant’t be on at 9:00 am EST.