Temple of Love

Temple of Love Challenge Feature requires you to be married in order to play.

In this gameplay, you must try and complete as many tasks within 2 minutes.
Partner team-up improves task rewards. You get only 2 tries to play per day.
If your partner is unavailable, you can always team up with someone (must be married) to complete Temple of Love challenge.

Maps and Gameplay

There at 3 different temple maps as shown below (See pictures for reference).
You do NOT get to chose which temple map you can place in. So always be prepared what map you will be place in.

 Temple of Love 24
 Temple of Love 25
 Temple of Love 26

– Credits to @Chris (AllinLois) from Chaotic Helpline Group for making these awesome temple maps!

When you enter the temple, you will be placed randomly on the map and the time starts immediately.
You start off with two tasks to complete then you go find the task envoy and accept more tasks.
Task envoy are randomly scattered across the map so always keep moving.

ProTip! Having high hasten bonus helps to get to each task faster.

ProTip! To maximize rewards, do the quest up until you get 24 love stones, then do he highest grade quest available last to finish. You can max up to 25-32 Love Stones.

If you want to rotate available tasks without completing them for last, then complete a mission half way and then quit it.
Note that if you accept a quest task, only YOU can click on it and give up on current quest.
However, if your teammate/partner accepts a task, ONLY they can click on it and give up on the quest.

Tasks and Rewards

The following below are the list of Love Temple tasks that may appear on the map:

Eternal Keepsake: “Found two treasures in the temple!”  – Find the treasure chest marked on the map and dig it up, then the next treasure chest will pop up somewhere and do the same.
Fatal Line: “Please join your teammate!”  – Basically go meet up with your partner/teammate.
Defend the Temple: “Defeat monsters with halos!”  – The task will give you two specific monsters to kill, search for them and kill them.
Love Fruit: “Collect items with aura!”  – Refer to the map guide if you have not memorized where the items. Find the item they are asking for and collect.

ProTip! You do NOT have to stand still to dig up treasure chest or collect item. Simply tap the Collect/Dig option while moving. You can save more time doing a Eternal Keepsake/Love Fruit while still moving to find other task envoys once complete. 🙂

Love stone rewards for each grade task:

Green 1 Love Stone 2 Love Stones
Blue 2 Love Stones 4 Love Stones
Purple 3 Love Stones 6 Love Stones
Gold 4 Love Stones (+ 50 Magic Gems) 8 Love Stones

PRO TIP!  The relative maximum amount of stones is 25.  You can go over the limit and earn 26 to 32 stones per day.  if you are at 24 stones and complete a gold mission worth 4 Love Stones ( 24 + 4 = 28).  Focus on doing purple and gold quests first when available to maximize rewards.  You can also magic gem rewards for completing missions after you earn maximum stones. So the actual/absolute maximum number of love stones you can get is 32.


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