Stages & Zodiac

There are 2 Types of Stages: Common Stages and Boss Stages.


For each Story Chapter, there is a total of 10 Stages (4 Boss Stages and 6 Common Stages).
The next Chapter can only be unlocked once player reaches a certain level.
Stage Difficulty levels varies from Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. Player earns the same EXP points regardless of difficulty level. However, the higher Stage difficulty, the better Coin rewards.

ProTip! In Boss Stages, you may need to use strategies to complete the Stage rather than just simply attacking and hope that the Boss does not kill you first! Here are strategies or tricks you can use:

  • Evade Boss Attack Skills. Before they cast their skill, there will be a red area on the floor to indicate you to get away and evade the hit when they release their attack.
  • Kiting. A strategy method of attacking and then running away (and repeat).
  • Use ULT/Combo Skill to interrupt Boss from casting their skill.

Each stage has a total of 5 tries. Common Stages uses up x5 Energy per try. Common Stage rewards consists of only Mirage Crystals, Purification Books, EXP Fruits.

Boss Stages uses up x10 Energy per try. Boss Stage rewards consists of Mirage Crystals, Purification Books, Gear Fragments, Hero Fragments.

If your PWR and Level is high enough, you may immediately complete the Stage automatically using a Stage Completion Pass.

Once you have used up all your attempts, you may use a Strength Banner to reset and to challenge the same stage again. Strength Banners are available from the Alliance Store or for 10 Magic Gems for x1 Strength Banner.

Sweep becomes available after clearing the Stage manually for the first time. Sweet allows players to use their remaining tries and available energy to automatically raid the Stage.

When you complete a Stage for the first time, you earn a Stage Star. Stage Stars adds to the Progress Bar for the Story Chapter. Once you reach a certain number of Stage Stars, you can claim Chest Rewards.

Rewards may consists of Magic Gems, Hero fragments, Blue Wing Fragment Chests, Stamina Pots, 50k Coins, Mirage Crystals.

When you complete a Stage for the first time, you earn a Stage Star. Stage Stars collected from Story Chapters can be used to light up a star on a Zodiac Constellation.
Each time you light up a star (requires x3 Stage Stars), you get Stat Bonuses. Each time you complete a whole Zodiac constellation, you gain +5 PVP Power Boost.


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