In GPC there are a myriad of heroes to choose from… and only 4 good ones to use. These are the end-game heroes, aka the SS Heroes. Within this game there are four types of heroes: Bloodline, Summoner, Warrior, and Hp. These are represented in the SS grade by Hela, Belandry, Odin, and Bahamut respectively. These heroes have a variety of uses and placements, all of which will vary depending on the player’s class and playstyle.

When speaking about classes and builds there are generally a few absolutes that we adhere to in order to make a sustainable character which has both good survivability and dps. However, some players may prefer to go full dps and abandon any survivability, or vice versa, which in certain game modes or challenges is perfectly acceptable and even desired at times. In this guide we will be talking about general placements of heroes, nothing that is overly uncommon or only works in certain cases. If you wish to see more build options for your class, I recommend checking out the class guides as they can help you in that department and in more.


Hero Set-Up:

Exo Generally speaking, the exos main purpose is to create a barrier for your endo and character bars. Its sole purpose in the majority of builds is to be TANKY and mitigate as much damage as possible to protect your main source of damage and your life itself.

Endo Almost always selectively a Hela, this fused hero is primarily going to be the main source of a player’s damage, and while it is alive, the player can kill and dish out dps more efficiently. A hero besides Hela can be placed here of course, but doing so would cost much dps for the sake of extra survivability.

Deploy This hero is separate from the fused heroes in your lineup and acts as a near separate entity from the player themselves. The deploy can have a vast amount of uses from doing damage, to buffing the character’s dps, to even providing damage mitigation. The only rule of thumb to exercise with deploy is this: Bahamut is a useless deploy and should be burned alive.


SS Heroes:

Hela (Bloodline)- A hero which is characterized by her extremely high atk stat and very low hp stat. Primarily used in the endo slot, she is very susceptible to dying immediately and as such should be protected by an exo that is capable of taking hits and keeping the Hela safe from harm- so as to keep your biggest source of dps from being lost. Hela can also make for a very potent deploy as she can deal very large amounts of damage while alive, AND upon her inevitable death (seriously she dies super-fast as a deploy), her 90* enchant effect will boost your character atk by 100% for 15 secs. Push atk, crit, toughness, and deadly on this hero.


Belandry (Summoner)- Known for extremely high mdef and pdef stats, Belandry is very adept at providing damage mitigation both through her stats and enchant effects. However, due to the majority of the enchant effects only working for summoners, this hero is known to be selectively geared towards them. She is a hero that is only truly viable on a summoner either as an exo or deploy. As an exo she has the potential to become even more tanky and resilient to damage than baha, however this won’t occur until several upgrades, blessings, rune stats, godly awakenings, etc. are in place, making her a clearly harder build than a Bahamut, although well worth it in the late game. As a deploy she can still use her enchant effects to provide bonus damage to the bat skill and damage mitigation through damage transfer and immunity. Push def, hp, toughness, and parry/dodge on this hero.


Odin (Warrior)- This hero is balanced in nearly every aspect, having high def stats, decent hp and moderate atk. It has two most notable places in the lineup, that being on exo and as a deploy, though its 100* enchant effect is geared towards it being placed in the endo spot. Don’t let this fool you, as it would severely cut your dps to take Odin as an endo instead of Hela. As an exo its 100* enchant effect will still proc so long as it is still alive and you have not exceeded the amount of times it can be proced on a kill. Unfortunately killing a deploy or minion/mob will also count towards the kill count, thus limiting its effect in a myriad of gameplays. As an exo or deploy it can also boost the effects of any buff you receive by 100%, effectively making very suitable for a warrior as they can self-buff using the enraged burn skill. Also applies to the Hela 100* buff, making it a very viable choice for any class to increase their dps noticeably for the duration It is alive. It makes for a suitable exo for the warrior and blood classes but does not provide nearly as much damage mitigation as Bahamut, thus reducing survivability to a certain degree for increased dps. It will not outweigh the benefits of a Belandry exo for a summoner, and as such should be reserved for a deploy for that class should you choose to use him in your lineup. Similarly, if you wish to maintain survivability as a bloodline or warrior, then use Odin as a deploy so it can benefit your dps (though not as effectively as deploys tend to die very fast). Push hp, parry, def, toughness, and if you want to build it for dps, make push atk and crit as well.


Bahamut (HP)- There’s not much to say here. Bahamut is an EXTREMELY high hp hero whose entire purpose is it to exist on the exo spot and protect the endo and character. This hero has very mediocre def and lackluster atk, which is more than made up by its massive hp pool. The true benefit to a Bahamut exo is that it allows for more hp to work with than any of the other heroes, making it a much easier to build hero than any of the others for an exo. It is necessary however, to make up for its flaws through extensive building up of gems, awakenings, holy weapons, blessings, etc. to make it much more adept at survival than simply pushing solely hp. Push defense on this hero in any way you can and you will not be disappointed as high def combined with extremely high hp equals a very hard hero to kill. Other key stats to work with on this hero in addition to hp and def are toughness, parry and dodge.



Hela- Every class should use a Hela if they want to deal large amounts of damage. Use in endo and/or deploy for increased dps through direct damage increases, extra 35% damage under certain hp ratio conditions, and temporary extra atk upon its death.

Belandry- Use in lineup only if a summoner. Provides much damage mitigation the late-game after being specifically built up on its strengths and its enchant benefits are very potent for summoners. Very useful as an exo after being fully built up. Makes for a good deploy as well due to its enchant effects.

Odin- Highly useful to increase the effectiveness of buffs, and an absolute necessity in the lineup of a warrior. Can be placed as an exo for bloods and warriors but will reduce survivability for more dps. Alternatively, can be used as a deploy for any class to increase the potency of buffs.

Bahamut- Pure Hp and its only purpose is to be a tank and absorb as much damage possible to protect the endo and character from damage. Useful on every class as an exo and only an exo. Can be used as a deploy to sustain it in place of an adequate hero for the sole purpose of triggering viper.


Additional in-depth guides for each SS Hero will be added soon, covering each heroes characteristics and necessary stats/placements, so stay tuned!