Ah Hela. Arguably the most universally used of the 4 SS heroes, Hela is characterized by her very large atk stat and very small hp pool. In this guide we will be covering her everything about Hela, from her placement in lineup heroes, to enchant effects, and even her optimal runes. If you are not familiar with how to acquire a Hela, please refer to our Egg Smash guide.



To start off I will describe Hela: A glass cannon. The end. She has extremely high damage output but is so easily killed that she MUST be placed in the endo spot behind a more tanky hero on exo if you want to keep her alive as long as possible. It is possible to use her on an exo with a certain build type, but we will not be discussing that here. If you want to learn about this build, please refer to the Bloodline Class Guide. The main areas she is used by the vast majority of player is on endo and deploy. Placing her as your endo keeps her safe from damage for the duration that your exo is alive, thus making your highest source of dps safe from harm, as when it is killed you lose her atk. She is also commonly used as a deploy as she does a large amount of damage while alive, and upon her death can boost the character atk by 100%.



  •         60* Blood Intensity- Initially her enchant bonuses are not all that great, but that’s a given as no hero really picks up in enchant effects at 60*. This is when Hela gains 20% more base crit, thus making her more likely to do 1.5x damage when represented in your total dps.
  •         70* Spiritsoul Blood Servant-Hela’s base atk is increased by 10%, which as you can guess, is a decent buff to her atk stat especially built up late game with atk gems. This increases the potential for her dps.
  •         80* Horned Butchery- All the dps caused by Hela is increased by 30% when a critical hit is triggered. This may not seem noticeable at all early game or if your Hela doesn’t crit a lot, but assuming your Hela is built correctly, it will substantially help your dps overall.
  •         90* Blood Covenant- One of the most noticeable and useful of her enchant benefits, entire builds have been structured around this enchant effect. Upon a Hela in your lineup dying, no matter what position (endo, exo or deploy), your character atk will be boosted by 100% This will momentarily give you some added dps to make up for the loss of your endo Hela for example, however this skill truly shines on deploy where if it is killed and you are using another Hela for endo, you have thus aquired, quite simply, a shit ton of atk. Make us of Hela’s death and atk your enemies while the buff is active for its 15-sec duration. Please note that the death of multiple Hela within the 15-sec activation period WILL NOT stack the buff, but will simply refresh the timer for the duration of the effect.
  •         100* Bloodline Suppression- My personal favorite of all of Hela’s enchants. This enchant makes it so that if the total hp bar ratio of all your heroes and character is higher than your opponent’s, then for the duration that Hela is alive, your total dps is increased by 35%. This is not only useful in pvp, but in pve where you must beat certain stages, bosses, or bean floors, etc. as fast as possible. To better explain when this buff is triggered, let’s assume two players, named Player A and Player B, are fighting one another. Both have a 100* Hela in their endo slot. If Player A was to hit Player B first, player B would have less total hp %. Thus, Player A would have the 100* effect trigger and do 35% more damage to Player B, while Player B would not be able to get the 35% damage buff for their dps until their total hp% was higher than that of Player A’s. This enchant is the reason why it’s important to get the first hit if possible in a fight, lest you want to take more damage from enemies while not being able to dish out as much. Please note that while on deploy this enchant will only apply to the deploy’s hp bar and its damage, as if it were a separate entity.



Hela is a dps oriented unit, and as such you should push certain stats on her over others in order to maximize the benefits provided. These stats are crit, toughness, deadly, and of course atk. The reasons for each will be displayed below. These stats can be obtained from a variety of sources such as treasure levels, protections, goddesses, etc.

  •         CRIT- Fairly obvious, the use of crit on this hero will allow for her dps to be increased by 1.5x when it procs, thus allowing you to make the most her massive atk stat. o proc criical hits a player needs enough total fusion and char CRIT to counter the opponent’s toughness. Take as much of this stat as possible.
  •         Toughness-Think of this as a supplement to your entire character, as adding more toughness will counteract the amount of crit your opponent has, thus making it harder for the enemy player to crit on your Hela, while the total amount of fusion toughness a player has on heroes that are alive will help counteract enemies dodge and parry stats as well.
  •         Deadly- This stat is needed to allow Hela to always proc max Atk from her atk range. A bare minimum of Max atk/14.44 atk must be needed to always proc Max atk from this her, however it is acceptable to take more to account for increases in atk assuming it doesn’t take away from the other stats on Hela.
  •         Atk- Clearly the most needed of any stat on this hero, atk is necessary to increase the spectrum from which Hela is able to do her damage, subsequently increasing dps by a noticeable amount when paired with the required amount of deadly and when a critical hit is triggered. Take as much of this stat as possible.


Holy Spots/Goddesses-

Another fairly obvious topic but I will go into detail about it nonetheless. The holy place you want to use here is any that give the 50% atk bonus, such as Atlantis for example. Prioritize number of goddesses over the bonus though, as that will always be more important. The goddesses you should place here are offensive stat goddesses such as Athena, Pandora, Freya, Valkyrie, Lolita, and Hammanya. The most important goddess for endo however, would easily be Athena. The amount of deadly she gives is absolutely necessary to keep up with the amount of atk Hela has. Also, when using other goddesses such as Freya and Valkyrie, be sure you don’t take away from the stats of your char, as those are the stats that will not disappear until your death, unlike those on heroes which will vanish upon their death.


Holy Weapons-

For Hela, use the holy weapon set that best benefits your class. To determine which set this is please refer to the Class Guides. Stats to push for on holy weapons for Hela would be toughness, crit and atk. Be sure to hit at least the minimum tier 2 effects for toughness and crit and completely max out atk in order to activate the holy weapon skill. You can choose to aim for tier 3 as well for the crit and toughness or invest past tier 1 for other stats if you feel as though you need more of those. Just be sure to remember it will get harder and harder to find the stats you want the lower your goddess blood gets.



Protections are essential for getting stats for your heroes, and while it may not seem like much initially, they can and will add up to make a noticeable difference. They are increased in level by using teeth to breakthrough. When doing protections be sure to not take away too much teeth from your lineup heroes as their levels supersede almost anything else teeth should be used on. Knights are also a savvy investment for teeth late game, so be sure to not neglect them for excess protections.

  •         Light- Focus mainly on deadly as Hela needs as much as possible to help proc her high max atk stat. The other stat to focus on would be +DMG for some extra dps per hit.
  •         Dark- This is more complex as there are three stats to choose from here that are viable to us on Hela. I would recommend stacking as much crit as possible and then a balance between toughness and atk, as those can both be acquired from gems easily enough, unlike crit.  



Initially knights aren’t your first priority when it comes to using your dragon teeth and enchant crystals, as most people will us them on lineup heroes and protections. However, knights are extremely useful for stat increases on heroes, and Hela is no exception. The notable knights to invest into for levels, enchant, whistles, and even fate treasures, would be Thunder and Armageddon Knight, as they both can increase the atk of an endo Hela very drastically when built up to the max. If Hela is your deploy, don’t bother wasting important knight upgrades on it as exo and endo are far more important. The more powerful the hero placed on the knight slot, the more atk you get- it’s that simple.



On endo the best runes for Hela in pvp will vary depending on your playstyle. If you desire much more survivability for your endo, and subsequently from blood combos right off the bat, use perseverance runes, as at red grade they provide enough damage reduction that it takes a minimum of 7 hits to kill the hero equipped with a 4 set. If you desire more damage in pvp use sharp edge runes as it will boost your dps by 10% (though if everyone you face uses persa this is fairly useless), and if you need more dps in pve such as in beanstalk or underground, use 4 set onslaught runes. As a deploy she can also make use of the previously mentioned rune sets, but can also take rage runes to give you 20 more pvp if her purpose is to just die and give you the atk boost.