Bahamut is a very, very, high hp and power hero whose base hp results in absurdly high amounts of survival from purely pushing that one stat. HOWEVER, it is important to make up for his many other shortcomings in order to build a truly effective Bahamut capable of absorbing incoming damage and protecting your other heroes and life. While other exos can be used in the place of Bahamut for more dps or class-specific benefits, the use of Bahamut as an exo is far more prevalent than other hero due to his relative ease to build as compared to the other heroes. Do keep in mind though that stopping at such modifications would not result in a Bahamut that would be truly worthy of being your exo. In this guide we will be covering her everything about Bahamut, from his placement in lineup heroes, to enchant effects, and even his optimal runes. If you are not familiar with how to acquire an Bahamut, please refer to our Egg Smash guide.






  •         70* Survival of the Fittest- Unlike his other SS counterparts, Bahamut suffers from crippling depression and is only acquires good enchant effects post 70*. Hp Is increased by 10% Pretty standard, right? Enhances survivability and works well with his base hp pool.
  •         80* Natural Selection- Darwin would be proud, as Bahamut gains another 15% hp and becomes even more tanky, thus serving his purpose of protection while fused to your character as an exo.
  •         90* God’s Baptism- Uh guys, can you give us another modifier that isn’t hp please? I mean this 20% is pretty sweet sure, but doesn’t Bahamut deserve a unique enchant skill to himself like every other SS Hero? Guys?
  •         100* Divine Favor-


Bahamut is basically the opposite of Hela in terms of stats. Where Hela is designed to be a glass cannon, Bahamut is more of a bolder. Not an actual structuralized steel wall or anything like Belandry, but definitely big and capable of taking several hits before being blasted into rubble. The reason for Bahamut being an easy to build exo is because of the absurd amount of hp modifiers it gets from fates and enchants as well as levels. The issue with Bahamut is that hp is the ONLY thing it has going for it. Stats of both def and atk are pathetically low and he receives literally no high-level stat modifier, nor any unique enchant skill to better compliment his abilities, unlike every other SS Hero. As such, several countermeasures must be made to refine this bolder of a hero into a mountain of defensively oriented stats. Stats to look for Baha, with the expectation of the obvious hp stat, are dodge, parry, toughness, -dmg, and most important of all, mdef & pdef. The reasons for each will be displayed below. These stats can be obtained from a variety of sources such as treasure levels, protections, goddesses, etc.

  •         MDEF/PDEF- This stat is very necessary for a Bahamut. Why, you ask? After all, it has a bunch of hp so that should cover everything in place of def, right? Wrong. Bahamut truly excels as an exo with high amounts of def in addition to his hp. If you need to sacrifice some hp to make for increases in def, do not hesitate to do so, even if you lose power. Think of it this way: You are fighting a Bahamut with 25 mil hp and 50k mdef/pdef. Your attacks will be able to do close to their maximum potential per hit due to the low amount of def to counteract your atk stat. This means that despite the Bahamut having 25 mil hp, given enough time you will be able to chip away at its health with powerful blows and eventually kill it with relative ease. Now imagine you are fighting a Bahamut that has 20 mil hp, but 100k mdef/pdef. Now your attacks do less damage per hit and aren’t able to properly do large amounts of damage in the same amount of time as against the other Bahamut. Despite it having less overall hp, the ability to reduce the incoming damage to a certain degree makes it more fearsome as you are stuck trying to kill a mountain of health with weak blows. Take as much of this stat as you can without excessively taking away from Bahamut’s hp. It’s important to find balance between the two stats. A very useful way of getting mdef and pdef on your exo is using a powerful hero in your wise knight slot.
  •         Dodge- This stat will allow you to trigger a miss from another player’s attacks, this providing more damage mitigation and allowing Bahamut to become even more survival oriented. It is boosted in proc chance by the availability of dodge on your hero in relation to that of your opponent’s toughness. Take as much as you can find.
  •         Parry- This stat will allow you to make an opposing player’s attacks be parried, which manages to cut the dps in half AND prevent a crit from landing. This makes it very useful against your enemies as it’ll make the majority (if not all) of their hits do a third of the damage they would have had they triggered a critical hit instead of being parried. It is boosted in proc chance by the availability of parry on your hero in relation to that of your opponent’s toughness. Take as much as you can find.
  •         Toughness- Think of this as a supplement to Bahamut’s tankiness, as adding more toughness will counteract the amount of crit your opponent has, thus making it harder for the enemy player to crit on your Bahamut. The total amount of fusion toughness a player has on heroes that are alive will help counteract enemies dodge and parry stats as well. Place enough toughness on your Bahamut until you are immune to crits from the majority of players.
  •         -Dmg- This provides damage reduction against your enemies’ hits. It is static mitigation of damage and without enough of this stat as well as other defensive countermeasures, it can result in you taking more damage than is acceptable. Take as much as you can without taking away from the other stats.


Holy Spots/Goddesses-

Another fairly obvious topic but I will go into detail about it nonetheless. The holy place you want to use here is any that give the 50% hp bonus, such as Temple of Zeus for example. Prioritize number of goddesses over the bonus though, as that will always be more important. The goddesses you should place here defensive stat goddesses such as Ista, Chang’e, Joan, Maria, or (honestly this goddess is so pathetic in its benefits) Gaia. If you wish to increase the amount of toughness on this hero and have enough to spare on your other heroes/character, you can also use a Pandora or Freya to increase it substantially. The most important goddesses to place here are any that give parry or dodge, because while hp is great, those two stats are scarcely found on heroes.


Holy Weapons-

For Bahamut, the holy weapon set to use is sacreans in order to acquire as much hp possible to make use of his massive base hp, and then simply take the minimum of 2nd or 3rd tier for every skill (aside from deadly) while taking care to max out hp to activate the holy weapon skill.  Make sure to prioritize the stat you need more of as you won’t be able to grab everything without making some sacrifices. Due to Bahamut’s absurdly high base hp and many hp% modifiers, the activation of this holy weapon skill will result in a very large amount of hp gained. Be sure to remember it will get harder and harder to find the stats you want the lower your goddess blood gets.



Protections are essential for getting stats for your heroes, and while it may not seem like much initially, they can and will add up to make a noticeable difference. They are increased in level by using teeth to breakthrough. When doing protections be sure to not take away too much teeth from your lineup heroes as their levels supersede almost anything else teeth should be used on. Knights are also a savvy investment for teeth late game, so be sure to not neglect them for excess protections.

  •         Light- Focus dodge and parry as they are the most important stats to take and the only ones that cannot be acquired via gems.
  •         Dark- This is more complex as there are three stats to choose from here that are viable on Bahamut. Due to the low amounts of pdef he has however, I would recommend primarily choosing def and toughness and acquiring -dmg from other means such as gems or holy weapons. Feel free to take some along the way if you don’t want to solely invest into those two stats.



Initially knights aren’t your first priority when it comes to using your dragon teeth and enchant crystals, as most people will use them on lineup heroes and protections. However, knights are extremely useful for stat increases on heroes, and Bahamut is no exception. The notable knights to invest into for levels, enchant, whistles, and even fate treasures, would be Wise, Fighting, and Eternal knights for Bahamut. This will give an immense amount of def and hp when the knight in question is at its full potential. The more powerful the hero placed on the knight slot, the more def or hp you get- it’s that simple.



On a Bahamut the best runes for pvp will vary depending on how adequately built your Bahamut is and what kind of players you fight. If you fight players who are far higher in power than you and kill your exo extremely fast, take 4 red perseverance runes as a countermeasure as at red grade they provide enough damage reduction that it takes a minimum of 7 hits to kill the hero. If your Bahamut can hold its own against most people you fight, and doesn’t die immediately, take 4 steel armor runes, as at red grade they decrease all incoming damage by a 25%.



Bahamut can in fact be placed on deploy… but it will do next to nothing. The damage provided will be abysmal, there are no enchant effects to benefit your character, and when you die it’ll briefly give you a look of shame for dying before your deploy. Then it will suffer an explosive heart attack and flop to the ground dead. The one saving grace of this hero on deploy is that through deploy hp% boosting modifiers ever present from the upgradeable titles will give you a substantial power boost (This will only work for the very last few Marquis titles). This is turn makes it harder for opponents to proc spring banner on you, and, allows you to proc spring banner on weaker enemies more easily. Other than this, and the recent addition of a deploy linked viper update that will works so long as deploy is alive, there are no benefits to having a Bahamut deploy in battle.