Runes: Overview

Runes are magical stones or treasures with rune markings that can be equipped on heroes. Runes can give additional stat boosts and unlock special skills. Runes unlocks at Level 113 along with Alliance Campaign feature.

FAQ! How does one set up runes?

Rune set ups are circumstantial and preferential to a player’s build. There is no particular set that is ideal for all game modes or types of PVP. It all depends on how a player wants to build or the type of environment or opposition they are using the runes for. – Adil

Runes only affect the hero they are set on. Because of this, it also means that effects of multiple rune set attributes do NOT stack. – Mortis

There are four types of standard runes:


PerseveranceRunes 6

Perseverance set is great for defense and HP, and for negating DMG from high power players.

Steel ArmorRunes 5

Steel Armor set is great for total defensive power.  Steel Armor is more general across different modes.

Sharp EdgeRunes 3

Sharp Edge set is glass-cannon type, or great for offensive power.

Iron HeartRunes 1

Iron Heart is great for group PVP battles, and for extra survival with the special invincibility set attribute.

Standard Runes are available through EventsAlliance Campaign rewards, and New! Achievement rewards.

Runes 8

Runes 13

In addition, there are two types of special runes:

OnslaughtRunes 2Onslaught is great for ATK buff.
RageRunes 4Rage set is great for increasing PVP Power.

Special runes are only obtainable through Dragon Mine City chest specialties.
*Alliance must take rule of the city in order to get city chest specialties.

Runes 11

Runes 7

Runes: Strengthening

Each rune has one main attribute and one sub attribute, and can have multiple additional attributes. Depending on the rune position, the main attribute will always be as followed on the table below. On the other hand, Sub attributes and additional attributes are random.

PositionMain Attribute

Pro Tip! Check each rune for their sub and additional attributes since they vary randomly, and/or for the types of attributes that you are looking for or need.

Some runes may luckily already have additional attributes right away, and some do not. Only runes that still have space for more can get a new additional attribute is added in every 3โ˜†.

FAQ! How does one choose rune attributes? When comparing runes, choose the ones with most percentage attributes over static numbers. Only sub and additional attributes can be percentages. Sub attribute is more important than additional attribute. As you get more runes, choose stats relevant to your build whether or not it’s percentage or static values. – PoggsRed

WARNING! Strengthening runes requires a massive amount of coins!

When strengthening or enchanting a rune, the main attribute and sub attribute increases for every 1โ˜†, and a random additional attribute increases or a new additional attribute is added in for every 3โ˜†.

Runes: Set Attributes

There is a total of six (6) rune positions per set up on a hero.

Set Attributes are activated when the same type of runes are placed in and pair into an Item-Set. The following tables below shows each type of rune and special skills or stat boosters activated for each rune set.

The blanks indicate change of value given depends on rune grade level (green, blue, purple, gold, red).
 2-Item Set4-Item Set6-Item Set
PerseveranceBlessings HP +__%Perseverance Max DMG received each time is __% of HP; Effective  in Vs Battles.Blessings HP +__%
Steel ArmorGuard -DMG +__%Steel Armor All DMG decreases __%; Effective in PVP Battles.Guard -DMG +__%
Sharp EdgeSplinter +DMG +__%Sharp Edge All DMG increases _%; Effective in PVP Battles.Splinter +DMG +_%
Iron HeartCollect PDEF +__% MDEF +__%Iron Heart Receive killing blow and you have a __% chance of invincibility; lasts for 1.5 secs; Effective in PVP Battles.Collect PDEF +__% MDEF +__%
FAQ!  What does Iron Heart set attribute “killing blow” mean? Killing blow is any skill that’s about to kill your exo/endo/character, that procs the invincibility special skill.  – Shinmeryuu
 2-Item Set4-Item Set6-Item Set
OnslaughtCharge ATK +__%Onslaught ATK +__%Charge ATK +__%
RageHigh-Spirited Deadly +__%Rage PvP Power +__High-Spirited Deadly +__%
Pro Tip! Make sure at least 4 Item-Set per hero. Then, you can either add 2 more runes of the same type to activate the 6-Item Set attribute, or find a supplemental 2 Item-Set attribute to use. – PoggsRed and Didiasku