Race Horse is a new event that occurs daily between 12:00-19:56 game time. It involves looking at the stats of race horses and making bets using coin on which will win. The only things that can be won from this is coins (if your bet was correct) and a title that gives very minimum amounts of dodge to exo and deploy heroes.

Taking Part:

To take part in this event all you need to do is go to the events tab during the active hours of betting and place a bet. Initially the maximum a player can bet on will be dependent on their level. As you increase in level, you can then place higher bets, with a maximum of 200k coin. Betting ends at :50 of every hour that the event is active, and races begin at :55 and end at :56.


When placing bets on horses it is important to look at the stats of the horse prior to choosing which one(s) to bet on. The stats themselves are listed as “Physical Stamina,” “Burst,” and “Status.” The higher each of these are the more likely it is that the horse will win the race. The most important stat to look at is Status as it directly affects how effective the other two stats are. There is one other piece of information that should be taken note of: The “Odds” category. This stat shows how likely it is that the horse will win in comparison to the others. Allow me to emphasize: The LOWER this stat’s numerical value is, the higher likelihood the horse will win.


When placing bets on horses it is important to choose wisely- luckily the stats given about each of the horses makes it possible to consistently win. When the stats are in greatly in favor of one horse compared to the others, then it’s a safe bet to use your coins on that horse. However, when the odds are closer to each other, then it would be safer to bet on both horses that are likely to win, as when one of them wins, you will still make profit since the winning amount of coins is more than the amount you bet on both horses combined.


Rewards include coins (obviously) and a title that barely does anything. In short, this event is simply a way for players to have a consistent coin farm, that while is RNG based and can go either way, can result in continuous coin gain per day if the player knows what they are doing.