QuestionsCategory: QuestionsMultiple of the same holy weapon set?
Stack asked 2 years ago

Does it work if I, for example, use Avalon 4-piece set on both character and endo hero?

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PoggsRed Staff answered 2 years ago

Yes. Holy weapon affects are modular (like runes, star gear, goddesses) meaning that their effect is on that hero alone (with the exception of rage runes) and when that hero dies so does the effect. So you could have Avalon and character and endo and they will work independently. You can also have a 3rd set on deploy if you wanted.

Side Note: What you cannot do is activate a set bonus with 2 of the same type of holy weapon on a single hero. For instance you would not activate the avalon set bonus with 4x Excalibur on one hero.