QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow to get back existing server for NA1
Joanne asked 2 years ago

Hi. How do i to install the correct apps for able to search my existing device of NA 1 Ultimate Mission? As i cant get the correct server so that unable login to my own character now at my new device. Please help.

1 Answers
PoggsRed Staff answered 2 years ago

Ah! I haven’t heard of that server (NA 1 Ultimate Mission) in a long time. I’m on NA 1 (North America server 1 Chaotic World) and we used to go to NA 1 Ultimate Mission because it had new content ahead of us. I know they started as a bunch of servers and eventually merged down to just 2. I’m not sure what happened to it after that.

In any case, I believe you have to download the GPC World Version (SEA) and on initial installation it asks you if you want to go to SEA or NA. I’ve attached the links to the Google Store and the APKpure link in case you can’t find it in the store.