QuestionsDoes Koram Issue Refunds?
BTucker asked 2 years ago

I would like to obtain a full refund as I am not happy with the game or the support within it.

1 Answers
PoggsRed Staff answered 2 years ago

Unfortunately, Koram has a very strict policy not to offer any refunds. Basically, if you have recharged and obtained recharge gems from within an active in-game economy, it would not be fair to other players to have spent those gems only to refund later.

If you do not receive gems or there is another issue with the transaction, you should always contact support first. Keep in mind that depending on ticket volume and when the ticket is submitted, it could take 3-5 business days to get a response. If you attempt to go through other means to obtain a refund, even if it is as simple as reversing an accidental double charge, your recharge abilities will be paused or banned and you will need to contact Koram support through the in-game support system in order to reinstate it.