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Mario asked 4 months ago

Hello guys, is it worth collecting dodge and parry on equiped gear instead of other offensive stats? And what would be the other ways of collecting dodge and parry( talking only about charachter stats not endo or exo). Basically why i ask is im 5mil sumo, with a lot of gear equipes focused on dodge and parry i managed to collect around 15.5k dodge and parry. Another sumo with close to same pwr has close to 17k of both with almost none of those stats on equiped gears. We both have close to same dragon crest levels.None of us have godly wep skills on it obviously and no dodge parry godessea on char. Thanks in advance :).

Mortis Staff replied 4 months ago

It is certainly worth grabbing stats of dodge, parry, crit, and deadly from gears as opposed to hp, defs, and atk. The answer of as to why is simple: The benefits of the hp, atk, and defs, given are very minimal and as a result can be altogether ignored for little to no change in a character. On the other hand, crit, do dodge, and parry are very scarcely found in the game in large amounts and cannot be acquired via gems. While deadly can be found in gems, I believe it to be still more useful than hp, defs, and atk on gear, because as with parry, dodge, and crit, it is not nearly as vastly accumulated without properly building it up. The benefits reaped from thousands of parry/dodge/crit/deadly will far exceed that of a few thousand atk/defs/hp from gear. Do also keep in mind that as a summoner, the amount of toughness, parry, and dodge you have, as well as deadly and crit, and other stats of character, will all be used by your stationary unit for determining its stats, so it is important to accumulate a lot on char.

Mortis Staff replied 4 months ago

As for different methods of acquiring dodge and parry you are forgetting one very, very important factor for increasing those two stats, alongside crit and toughness in vast amounts. This would be mount taming, which can be done via acquiring the materials needed from zombie crisis. The added benefits in stats from taming is ridiculous, clocking in at over 8k parry, crit, and dodge, and heaps of toughness (not sure of the exact amount because when you max the stat increase becomes unavailable to see). Other places to grab dodge and parry are goddess favors, which can also give several thousand upon maxing their affection lvls. You can buy materials for their favor at the glory store of farm them via mini lavalord chests or afk farming wilds chests. Keep in mind there are also other factors such as goddess placementĀ and holy weapon stat gains/tier modifers on char that can also affect the amount of parry and dodge you have on char.

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