Mystery store becomes available at level 52 for players and is a store that provides access to items that players can not normally purchase with gems or offers a discounted price for more common items. Note that the store also lets you buy items with no discount as well as has its own pricing for items that cannot otherwise be bought outside of the mystery store or without an event.


Opening & Closing-

To have the mystery store open, you must participate in either 2v2, Alliance Dragonslaying, Beanstalk, etc. gameplays and there will be a chance of the store appearing. After the store has appeared you can buy the items within for gems, but be warned as the store will only stay open for a duration of 2 hours, after which the store will close for the rest of the day. The store can only be opened once a day.



The items and prices that are listed below are the ones that have been found by the collective of the Chaotic Helpline group. There may be other, rarer items available for purchase from the mystery store, however we have yet to confirm this. This list be updated should anything else be found or be added in time. The prices listed below will be that of their original, undiscounted price, as the discount is only present on certain items at a time and varies in amount. Any item that has a “?” for its price means that we are unsure about any price for it, and whether it varies or not.

Dragon Song (Green Magic Ring)- 388 gems

Underworld Eye (Blue Magic Ring)- 1088 gems

Shining Soul (Gold Magic Ring)- ?

Tyrannical Power (Red Magic Ring)- 8888 gems

Red Holy Artifact- 6000 gems

Dragon Pact x5- 1000 gems

Purple Hero Treasure- 588 gems

Purple Hero Artifact- 1188 gems

Gold Hero Treasure- Prices Vary

Gold Hero Artifact- Prices vary

Gold Hero Fate Relic- ?

Gold Hero Artifact- ?

Red Fate Treasure- 2888 gems; Prices may vary

Red Hero Artifact- ?

Blueberry x5- 50 gems

Evoshroom x10- 50 gems

Lv.5 Gem- 324 gems

Lv.6 Gem- 972 gems

Lv.7 Gem- 2916 gems


Don’t buy items from mystery store unless you get a sizeable discount or want an item that your normally can’t otherwise get (dragon pacts for example) without an event or some struggle. The reasoning behind this is simple: The prices are either the same outside of the mystery store (without a discount), or the item is far too expensive, as the prices for items that normally can’t be bought with gems (magic rings, treasures, pacts, etc.) tend to be a lot of gems.