Musical Instruments are a relatively new addition to the game that allow players to purchase (or farm from events) a musical instrument and then upgrade it over time. The upgrades give a minimal number of base stats; however, they do allow for three gem slots (six if you count fully unlocked secret gem slots) and give massive amounts of power and stats over time when tuned in addition to making your skills more powerful. Tuning, strengthening, and upgrading instruments are all unique endeavors, as such I will be explain them in great detail for the sake of people looking to indulge in them.


 Why should I get an Instrument?

While instruments aren’t especially necessary to progress throughout the game or become very powerful, they do help quite a bit in terms of power, stats, and increasing the effectiveness of your skills. With each instrument upgrade a new resonance is unlocked, and by unlocking chords/notes tuning the notes of the instrument, the tuning capabilities of the instrument are increased, thus warranting more over effectiveness of the instrument in terms of power and stats.

How do I get an Instrument?

You must participate in the music box event or other special effects that offer it as a reward. It is possible to farm an instrument and its upgrades without recharging; however, this is a relatively new addition to the game and requires a large amounts of gems and/or time. Once you acquire music boxes during the event, you can exchange them for the musical instrument and other upgrade materials that involve instruments.


Melody Goddess Hammanya (F)-

Musical instruments are unique in the sense that their tuning capabilities are directly linked to the level of your Melody Goddess Hammanya. For a player to be able to tune an instrument at all they need the Melody Goddess Hammanya and/or Melody Goddess Hammanya-F to. To fully tune their classical and future instruments they need to have the goddess(es) and have them upgraded to a certain point. The classical instruments require Melody Goddess Hammanya to be at +10 upgrades to unlock all the notes. The future instruments require the Melody Goddess Hammanya-F (which is a separate goddess) to be +7. However, if a player only wishes to indulge in the instrument for the sake of the skill damage increasing effect and not the stats or power, then they do not have to upgrade the goddess past the first note requirement.


Strengthening an instrument can be done with the material ‘fairy crystal’ which can be acquired through events or farmed via one-armed bandit. Alternatively, players can use gems to strengthen. Each instrument will have 4 fairies, each of which need a certain amount of fairy crystals to be completed. The process of strengthening gives a very small number of stats and each instrument will need more crystals than the last to be fully strengthened. The first instrument will need 4000 points per fairy, the second 7000, the third 10000, and the fourth 13125. This is true for both the classical and modern instrument groups. Each fairy crystal will give 100 points without a CRIT and has a chance of CRIT x2 or x5 upon each fairy crystal use.

Tuning the instrument requires the Melody Goddess(es) as previously mentioned and will give a very large amount of power, stats, and damage increases in your skills. This is the main aspect of instruments and is what drives people into buying and upgrading them. With each chord added from the goddess(es) levels, the tuning attributes increase by a preset amount as shown below. Tuning is done with either gems or the instrument material ‘melody crystal,’ which can be farmed from the one-armed bandit or acquired through the music box event. Tuning the first note slot increases the resonance %, which in turn increases the damage of the corresponding skill. Tuning the second note increases the HP bonus, the third ATK, the fourth PDEF, and the fifth MDEF. The unit that receives these stat bonuses will depend on the instrument.

Upgrading the musical instrument requires two things: Firstly, the strengthening on that instrument must be finished, secondly the player must have another instrument material known as ‘fairy redstone.’ The player needs 10 fairy redstone to upgrade the first instrument, 15 for the second, and 20 for the third. After you acquire the fourth classical instrument, you must use a special item, known as the future sealed crystal to upgrade from classical instruments to future instruments. Note that both fairy redstone and the future sealed crystal can be obtained from music box events. After upgrading from classical to future instruments, the strengthening costs will revert to that of the first instrument’s amount, and subsequently increase with each upgrade. The upgrade amount will increase to 30, 35, and 40 redstones for each new future instrument respectively.