Mount System

Mount System unlocks at Lv. 11.

Mounts allow players to not only have more movement speed but also +DMG and -DMG stats. The better the mount, the faster your speed!


Mount Gear

starts to become available starting from Boss Lair Lvl. 80 Golem Bakarr. By getting all four gears, you unlock Mount Hasten and level it up by feeding Fruit of Wind (only obtainable by exchanging from Glory Store). This gives tremendous Mount bonus multiplier boost!!

Maxed Haste Ranking Bonus


By taming mount, you will be able to obtain attribute/stat boost ups by leveling three types of taming: Understanding (CRIT) , Balance (PARRY), Dexterity (DODGE). Max level is 10. You will need to max all of them in order to move to the next mount. To obtain materials, you must win Zombie Crisis events (Unlock at Lv.93).

Order of Mounts and Skins

At the beginning of game tutorial, you will receive your very first mount, Spectresteed.

Players must feed and evolve their mounts with Blueberries and Evoshrooms in order to progress to the next mount.
The order of the mounts are as follows:

Spectresteed, Flamesteed, Froststeed, Magic Deer, Gold Deer, Snow Deer,

Silver Fox, Whitehide.Nine-tailed Fox, Fenrir. Anubis. Hatti,

Teruigar. Terrogar. Terrigar, Frosted Kirin. Skyfire Kirin. Nethershade Kirin.

Ice Elephant. Volcanophant. Ancient Mammoth, Fierce Lion. Abyss Lion. Antares Lion.

Test Iron Skeleton. Special Iron Skeleton. Power Iron Skeleton, Llama Nemo. Bob Llama. Larry the Llama.

Mystwood Toad. War Toad. Toad Chief, Garuda. Nuut. Anka.

Specter Dragon. Golden Dragon. Enigmagon, Arranos T-Rex (Top 4-10 Apex), Destanar T-Rex (Top 2-3 Apex). Tyranor T-Rex (Top 1 Apex)

Xmas Sleigh (Christmas Event), Nian Beast (Chinese New Year Event), Bronze Chariot, Gold Chariot, Flame Chariot (Chariots through event only).