Here’s a little guide that should put into perspective what alts can do for you to earn merit in the absence of selling gear to Ally and/or having to VIP gem merit to cover your overage.

Max spend of merit per day is 4,600 assuming you:

  • Buy 150 Teeth @ 3000 merit (#1 priority)
  • Buy 20 Strength banners for stages @ 400 merits (#2 priority)
  • Buy 20 altar refresh @ 800 merit (#3 priority)
  • Buy 500k Coin @ 400 merits (#4 priority)
  • Forget the 200 level 1 XP fruit (waste)
  • Forget the two respawn pots (usually a waste)

With 16 alts you can be SUPER lazy and just:

  • Login
  • Claim the four dungeon bags from the chest reclaim (40 gems total)
  • Log out

Takes about two mins including load time per alt which = 32 minutes total for merit earning. How you later do the merit transfer determines the additional time it takes to get the merit. Chief, Vice-Chief, and Followers can accept alts. Otherwise, it’s good to coordinate with these members in advance. Our alliance member max is 29/30 to facilitate easier alt transfers, so members don’t need to worry about the 1-hour leave/join CD.


  • With 16 alts @ 440 +/- merit/alt/day you would gain (16 x 440 +/-) = 7,040 +/- merit.
  • After the 50% transfer tax (7,040/2) = 3,520 +/- extra merit.
  • Main gets 440 +/- merit from dungeons and 600 merits (700 merits if you get the freeloader) from dailies = 1040-1140 +/- merit from main.
  • 3,520 +/- extra merit + 1040-1140 +/- = 4,560-4660 +/- merit/day in 32 minutes + transfer time

Additional Notes:

  • You can, of course, gem the daily completions on your alts:
    • 40 gems each @ 9 dailies = 360 gems/day
    • Extra 600 merit (300 after transfer) or 700 (freeloader; 0 gem cost; 350 after transfer)
    • Extra 1040-1140 +/- per day — 520/570 after merit tax
  • You can also manually run the dailies (and dungeons) if you have the time — time varies depending on the dailies
  • However you complete the dailies, if you do complete them, you would only need seven alts total to satisfy your daily max merit spend.
  • You have a higher chance at getting nightmare dungeons if you manually run your dungeons. This is anecdotal, but I’ve got maybe one nightmare my entire time in reclaims, ditto for using dungeon passes. Though I rarely get nightmares running them manually — game hates me.
  • You cannot reclaim the extra four dungeons on weekends no matter how you spin it. I.E., if you only run two dungeons on the weekend, you will only get two reclaims. Run 3, only 1, run 4 — forfeit extras.
  • Be sure to check your bags for dungeon tokens you get for leveling. You will not get a red dot for these.
  • “BUT POGGS — how do I get 16 let alone seven alts on my account when the max character per account is6?” There are two ways to do this:
    • Log out of your account, create a new account with login and password. I like to have 2-3 alts per account.
    • If you have a merge coming, create the max characters on your server (an additional 5 to your one main), and then go to servers you are merging with and create the six-max characters on those servers. When the merge completes, it will combine all your alts into your main account (and will also VIP them to your main account VIP level).
  • You can also use up to 500 gems to purchase an additional 1200 merit per day on any toon that is VIP 4 or higher.
  • Alt gems are super easy to get. Some examples are:
    • Rank on arena (if your alt is strong enough, it doesn’t take much to advance)
    • 7 Day Get Rich
    • Beanstalk completions
    • Maintenance (this is a biggie cause you do nothing but log in and claim 200 gems)
    • Stage Completions at 15* (50 gems) and 25* (150 gems)
    • If you have already obtained the 50% bonus for the recharge on your main (which resets every month), your VIP alts will still have them — so RC on your alt instead of your main.
      • You will forfeit the standard bonus gems on your main, but since RC gems are shared between all your VIP accounts, you’ll still get the 1,200 RC gems for your main to spend.
      • For example, if you’re going to RC $20 anyway (for 1,200 gems) and you’ve already got the 2x bonus of the additional 1,200 gems on your main, RC the $20 on your VIP alt.
        • You won’t get the bonus 100 regular gems on your main
        • You will get the 2x bonus 1,200 regular gems on your alt
        • Your main will still have access to the 1,200 RC gems you purchased
        • The 1,200 regular gems on your alt could be used to complete dailies that take too long (like waiting for urgent wilds), or dailies you have to wait for (like boss lair and energy claim).