Master & Servant Mode

Master & Servant mode unlocks at Lv. 54.

This game play allows players to capture other players and obtain treasures, gold, and exp.

Here is some general information about Master & Servant:
✦ Servant only remains locked up for maximum 12 hours
✦ Exp can be gained from both Master and Servant
✦ Type of treasure obtained by whipping is by chance
✦ You can only have one Servant or Master at a time

Locking Up A Servant

When trying to lock up a servant, you have a total of five (5) tries to battle them in an arena style PvP setting. The amount of exp earned from a servant is the same amount as their level per minute with a max of 144k. For example, if they are level 105, you get 105 experience every minute. The list of people you can lock up varies depending on arena. If you need different people in your list to lock up, try your hand at some more arena!

While your servant is locked up in your dungeon you have three (3) whips to use daily. Using a whip will reward you with both exp and a treasure of some sort. The type of treasure obtained varies based on random chance and what the current player currently owns. There is a 30 minute cool-down between using whips.

The maximum amount of time you can keep a player locked up is 12 hours, then they will be automatically released.

Restoring Your Freedom

If you find yourself locked up by someone, don’t worry! There are several ways you can free yourself or gain exp. Favoring your captor will grant you a small amount of exp.

The most direct way of restoring your freedom is with the “resist” button. You have two options when it comes to resisting; normal resist where you fight them in an arena style PvP battle, or strong resist which costs 60 gems and instantly restores freedom. If you find yourself out of gems and unable to defeat your captor, you can seek help. This allows you to call upon a member of your alliance to try and beat them.