The faster you get married, the faster you both will gain great benefits from it. Some benefits include, 5% DMG boost when partner is online or 10% DMG boost doing boss lair together, PvP power boost, extra titles, extra incubation slot, and stat boosts from upgrading wedding rings.


Weddings are not only a formal way for players to announce their marriage but also offer great rewards! Players who attend a wedding can receive glory, coins, and even gems or pots from the bouquet!

There are three different types of weddings players can choose from and the rewards vary depending on type of wedding. Also both the amount of guests that can attend a wedding and can be invite vary. Guests will have the option to send gold or gems to the bride and groom upon entering a wedding.

There are also gifts that drop when the wedding reaches a certain atmosphere level. Wedding atmosphere can be increased by Cheers and setting off Fireworks.

Wedding Rings

There are a total of four different wedding rings that players may purchase. Both players will receive whichever ring one partner buys.

Wedding Rings can be strengthened to increase both Toughness and PvP power, they also have a basic attack stat that varies depending on ring type. Players must complete the game play Temple of Love to get materials to strengthen Wedding Rings.