Knights: Overview

Knights are first introduced and the first slot is unlocked at Level 58.

Knights are heroes paired with your Deploy, Endo and Exo Heroes to activate the corresponding ❤ Fate effect and certain additional stat attributes. Only Heroes that are Purple Grade 7 and above, and SS Gold Grade 11 Heroes have Knight Fates.

To obtain the heroes required to activate Hero Fates, collect hero drop fragments by running Boss Stages,  exchange Hero Spirits for fragments in the Altar, or smash Purple Eggs for a chance to get a complete hero.


Pro Tip! Check in your Bag, under Hero Fragments tab, for Heroes that are closer to being complete before spending on Strength Banners and/or Hero Spirits on completing them.

The following below are the requirements to unlock for each Knight slot:
♥ Wise Knight (Level 58 Unlock)
♥ Thunder Knight (Level 70 Unlock)
♥ Fighting Knight (Level 80 Unlock)
♥ Sacred Knight (Level 90 Unlock)
♥ Holy Knight (Level 100 Unlock)
♥ Eternal Knight (Level 110 Unlock)
♥ Guardian Knight (Level 120 Unlock)
♡ Ruling Knight (Level 90 Unlock 500 Magic Gems Unlock)
♡ Shining Knight (Level 100 Unlock 1000 Magic Gems Unlock)
♡ Armageddon Knight (Level 110 Unlock 2000 Magic Gems Unlock)

FAQ! Does it matter what order fate heroes should be on knight slots? No, the order does not matter as long as your hero knight has a fate with any of your heroes in your set up.

Knights: Hero Fates

By appointing a Knight, it activates the corresponding ❤ Fate effect and certain additional stat attributes on your heroes.

Below are the following corresponding Hero Fates for each Purple Grade 10 Hero (Yuna, Fallen God Lucifer, War Goddess Minerva, Godly Gabrielle).





Below are the following corresponding Hero Fates for each SS Gold Grade 11 Hero (Hela, Earthly God Belandry, God Odin, Dragon Bahamut). Upgrading a SS Gold Grade 11 Hero to +1 will unlock a new Hero Fate!




Knights: Treasures

Knights can be equipped with Treasures, and Treasure can be refined and leveled-up! This feature is not level restricted; however, you must have a SS Gold Hero Soul in order to see this option. SS Gold Hero Soul does not need to be used or activated.

Refining and Leveling-up Treasures are only good for boosting up power value of the Knight, which would be very essential for the Line-up Bonus. Note that, the Treasure Fates do NOT activate actual fate effects nor does it give you any actual stats like your Deploy, Endo and Exo Heroes do with Treasures.

Pro Tip! When equipping treasures on Knights, be sure to get their class specific Magic Item and Relic fates. Level-up their treasures to at least Level 30, and then increments of 5.

Pro Tip! You should only put treasures on Knights with activated Line-Up Bonus. – Didiasku

Knights: Battle Assists

Line-up’s total levels can unlock Knight Battle Assist.

This only counts the total upgrades you have done on your Deploy, Endo, and Exo heroes in your set-up.

  • +2  Wise Knight
  • +6  Thunder Knight
  • +10 Fighting Knight
  • +12 Sacred Knight
  • +14 Holy Knight
  • +16 Eternal Knight
  • +18 Guardian Knight
  • +20 Ruling Knight
  • +22 Shining Knight
  • +24 Armageddon Knight

Note that, once you unlock the highest upgrade you can get, the Battle Assist currently remains unlocked even if you move the hero out of your set-up and into your Knight or Battle Assist slots.

– This may be a glitch and if so, is likely to be patched at some point.


Knights: Line-Up Bonus

The Line-Up Bonus is only activated when you unlock a Knight Battle Assist.

The higher Knights’ Power value, the better the bonus!

  • Wise Knight (Exo Hero MDEF and Exo Hero PDEF)
  • Thunder Knight (Endo Hero ATK)
  • Fighting Knight (Exo Hero HP)
  • Sacred Knight (Deploy ATK)
  • Holy Knight (Endo Hero HP)
  • Eternal Knight (Exo Hero HP)
  • Guardian Knight (Exo Hero ATK)
  • Ruling Knight (Deploy MDEFDeploy PDEFEndo Hero MDEF and Endo Hero PDEF)
  • Shining Knight (Deploy HP, Exo Hero HP and Endo Hero HP)
  • Armageddon Knight (Deploy ATK, Exo Hero ATK, Endo Hero ATK)

Knights only give you the Line-Up Bonus stat that they are assigned on the slot shown above, and that stat bonus increases with the Knight’s power value only. Higher Grade Hero Knights have better stats. The Line-Up Bonus Stat is always 20% of the Knight’s total power value.

Pro Tip! Enchants don’t give shit, just level them – PoggsRed

Note that, Knights are only temporary pure power holders.Their Fate treasure effects, Enchantments, Upgrades, or any other special features do NOT come in effect.  It does not give any of the Enchant talents, nor PVP boost when enchanted, nor Upgrade effects, nor Fate treasure and Fate Hero effects and other special features. 

Pro Tip! Have the highest power hero knight you have available on your most important Line-Up Bonus slots. Whenever possible, use and level a Purple Grade 10 Godly Gabrielle or SS Gold Hero Dragon Bahamut on the Line-Up Bonus slot you want to increase the most. HP Heroes naturally have more power/better stats among the four types of heroes. 


  1. TiddlyWink

    is it better to enchant hero’s to 100, and then work battle assist knights, or get battle assist as soon as possible.

    • Mortis

      Battle assists tend to be a very end game aspect of gpc. Focus on enchants for their effects and pvp prior to even bothering to enchant your knights.

  2. Serana

    So i have a question you said Lineup bonus = 20% of total power. When i check my own Lineupbonus vs total power it doenst add up. Any insights to this ?

    • Mortis

      Lineup bonus is 20% of the total power the knight would have been had it been in your lineup. So when it says 20% on total power, what it means is that the knight in question, lets say it was a Belandry with 100k power for example, would actually have 50k extra of the stat effect added to your lineup heroes via assist.

    • Mortis

      Also keep in mind that the amount 20% is the base amount given by the knights in relation to their power. Certain knight spots will multiply this bonus to become more in terms of stat gains and in power (usually at the expense of being split between multiple lineup heroes).

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