Knights runes are the new addition to the game that allow you to place runes on your knights (obviously). These runes do not have active 4-set bonuses such as those on lineup heroes and are instead only a means to an end for increasing the power of the knight. This guide will help you with unlocking knight runes, explaining what they do, and help determine what kinds of runes should go on which knights. Note however, since finding large quantities of % sub-attribute runes can be very hard, I will not be too picky about which stats to pick, as opposed to lineup heroes.



To unlock runes on a knight, a player must have unlocked the battle assist for that knight. This can be by upgrading your SS grade heroes in lineup. Note that an SS hero in knights, despite having upgrades, will not count towards the battle assist count. Once a knight’s battle assist has been unlocked it will stay unlocked, so do not fret. To go about getting more SS hero souls for upgrades, look at the Egg Smash Guide or the Spending Guide for tips.

If you are experiencing problems with the knight runes unlocking for a knight that has its battle assist unlocked, look at the workaround provided for this issue at the bottom of this guide.

Rune Acquisition-

Note that while there are many events that give out runes as rewards, the easiest and most consistent way to farm runes is through alliance campaign, so don’t miss out doing it daily. You will need to sift through a LOT of runes to find the ones you need, as well as leveling up the equipped runes themselves. Keep in mind that leveling runes will take a very large amount of coins to do, and that maxing a single rune can cost you nearly 100 million coins.


Battle Assist Lineup Bonus-

So, what do runes on knights do? Let me establish this before anything else: The runes DO NOT DIRECTLY AFFECT YOUR LINEUP HEROES. The only thing that runes do on knights is increase their power. That’s it. This increase in power comes from the stats and modifiers on runes placed on the knight heroes, and by increasing the amount of power a knight has, the more stats you get from battle assist lineup bonus. That’s the only purpose of knight runes- to make the knight battle assist bonuses more powerful. This means that the effects of 4-sets on runes do not do anything UNLESS the effect is a direct stat modifier such as with onslaught 4-set which increases ATK by 8.5%. In fact, onslaught is the only rune set that will have the 4-set give an attribute bonus to the knights. The 4-set effects of steel armor, iron heart, and perseverance runes will do nothing. And yes, rage rune 4-sets will also do nothing for your PvP power, so don’t get your hopes up.


Rune Placement-

Certain types of runes will be better than others on certain classes on heroes. This is a given based off hero base stats varying from one class to another. This section will help you determine what Is best or acceptable to use on different classes of knights.

  • HP Knights- Aim for HP% Sub-attributes on your runes for these knights as HP is quite literally the only stat that they have going for them. It will increase the power of the knight the most comparatively to other sub-attributes. For set bonuses aim for perseverance runes as they will give the most power from their HP%, but keep in mind that the sub-attributes will always be more important on knights.
  • Summoner Knights- Aim for DEF% Sub-attributes on your runes for these knights as DEF is the greatest base stat summoner heroes have. Note that HP% is also acceptable here as a second option if you cannot find DEF% sub-attributes. For set bonuses aim for iron heart runes as they will give the most power from their DEF%, or perseverance runes if you cannot complete the set of iron heart. But keep in mind that the sub-attributes will always be more important than the set bonus on knights.
  • Warrior Knights- Either DEF% or HP% will suffice here for sub-attributes, as warrior heroes are adept at both, while maintaining a slight edge in base HP over DEF. For set bonuses aim for iron heart runes or perseverance runes, but keep in mind that the sub-attributes will always be more important than the set bonus on knights.
  • Bloodline Knights- ATK% is the best option for sub-attributes for bloodline heroes as it is their best base stat. DEF% is also viable to a lesser extent if you can’t find the ever-elusive ATK% sub-attribute. For set bonuses I actively recommend trying to find and maintain onslaught over any other set simply because it is the only 4-set bonus that gives more stats to the knight with a nice 8.5% boost with 4-set activation, and another 1.5% from 2-set and 6-set bonuses each. Since the amount of ATK given by the 4-set is substantial, do not hesitate to swap out runes to meet the set bonus for a bloodline knight, assuming it doesn’t cost you more power.



Don’t expect a fantastic amount of power or stat increases from these upgrades unless you have high level knights in your lineup. Battle Assist is an endgame thing to push, especially if you are struggling to maintain your lineup hero’s levels at par with your own. It is also advisable to only invest good runes/level up runes on knights that are high level and build up to already provide large amounts of stats from the battle assist lineup bonus, otherwise the return will not be worth the cost of coin.


Tutorial (Fixing Lineup Bonus Errors)

If you are experiencing issues with Knight Battle Assist or Knight Runes not unlocking upon meeting the required upgrades, please read below.

Make sure that your SS Hero Upgrades are:

-All on lineup heroes, as battle assist unlocks will not count upgrades SS Heroes in knight positions

-Equal to the required amount for the unlock (A Hela +4 and an Odin +2 make +6, unlocking Thunder Knight battle assist)

-Make sure to not confuse an SS Hero with no upgrades as counting towards Battle Assist Unlocks

If you still do not have the unlock and you are sure that you should, the please follow these instructions:

  1. Acquire a spare SS Hero Soul and the corresponding S grade hero that you can upgrade with it.
  2. Make sure the S grade hero has no levels, enchants, whistles, etc. and is not in your lineup (a blank/fresh hero)
  3. Upgrade the S hero into an SS Hero using the spare soul. You should now have a level 15, SS Hero with no upgrades
  4. Inherit any SS Hero in your lineup to this newly made, blank SS hero.
  5. Your old lineup hero will now be outside your lineup and have no enchants, levels, or whistle, but will still have its upgrades.
  6. Sacrifice this hero in altar to get back all souls used in upgrades and the base S Hero (You will not lose any heroes or souls by doing this).
  7. Remake the SS Hero that you just broke down, but DO NOT upgrade with souls.
  8. Inherit this hero back into your lineup with the SS Hero that temporarily took its place.
  9. You should now have your original starting lineup prior to step 1, but without the upgrades on the SS Hero.
  10. Upgrade the SS Hero back to its full upgrades, and knights battle assist/knight runes should be unlocked!