I Used Some of My Magic Gems by Accident, Can I Get Them Back?

No, we can’t return any Magic Gems accidentally used.

We’ve taken all possible measures to try and prevent players from accidentally spending Magic Gems by adding confirmation reminders when necessary.  Whenever Magic Gems are about to be consumed, you’ll first receive a prompt asking whether you are you sure you want to use them. This substantially reduces the amount of times players use Magic Gems by mistake.

Magic Gem Confirmation Window

As this is a real-time multiplayer online game, if any one of the players makes a withdrawal it will have a negative effect to the rest of the players. Therefore, no players are able to revoke a Magic Gem purchase after it has been confirmed.

If we were to return Magic Gems, the player’s character would still keep the items purchased with the Gems. This would be very unfair for other players that have worked hard to get their items by saving and using Magic Gems.

In conclusion, Magic Gems that have been used cannot be returned.