I Didn’t Receive my Magic Gems After Recharging

Although most transactions go through smoothly, occasionally the server needs a little more time to process and you will need to wait until you receive your Magic Gems.  Alternatively, you can try restarting the game to clear game cache.  Check whether or not your account has received them.  If you still haven’t received your gems, please check “Settings > Account > User Centre” to see the status of your order.

IMPORTANT: If your gems still hasn’t appeared in your account, DO NOT GET A REFUND from Amazon, GooglePlay or ITunes.  If you receive a refund from any of these app stores, KORAM will disable your recharging ability.  You will not be able to recharge and purchase Magic Gems again.

Account Menu User Centre

Screenshot of User Center Order History


  1. Take screenshots of your the transaction details under “My Orders”.
  2. Check your email or launch store for transaction details from Amazon, GooglePlay or ITunes.  Look for HoC order number via date and content, then note down the Order Number.
  3. Submit a ticket “Settings – Account – Help” along with your IGN and server name.showing your and your Submit a ticket in the system and wait for a response.

Account Menu Screen Help ButtonHelp Menu

I Didn’t Receive my Magic Gems After Recharging (Android/Google Play) 1


If you have not received your purchased Magic Gems within 12 hours, please contact Koram again.