How To Increase Power

There are plenty of ways to gain or boost more power and PvP up!

★) Hero Enchantment
– Unlocks Hero Talents/To Enchant: Need Mirage Crystals and Hero

★) Get Higher Grade Heroes
– Get Grade 10 Heroes (Yuna/Fallen God Lucifer/Godly Gabrielle/War Goddess Minerva) and Later on, Grade SS Heroes.

★) Hero Level-Up
– Get them as same or close to level as your character/To Breakthrough: Need Dragon Teeth

★) Hero Fates/ Knights
– Depending on hero type, get heroes with fates with your heroes in your set up.

★) Hero Protection
– From incubation eggs/Incubate a specific attribute Guardian Spirit then use them to protect your heroes and increase attributes.

★) Embed Gems on Gears
– On what kind of gems you need depends on your class and play style you are going for. Unlock all three slots for each gear and put gems in.

★) Gem Level-Up
– Level all gems equally to unlock PvP Power Boost. (Lvl 6+ Gems unlocks Immunity/DMG Bonus Stats)

★) Gear Strengthen
– Strengthening Gear to certain level unlocks PvP Power and specific gear boosts specific stats.

★) Get Higher Grade Gear
– From Lowest to Highest: No color, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold 1, Gold 2, Red 1, Red 2.

★) Refining Gear
– Refine all gears to unlock some PvP Power boost!

★) Get Higher Grade/ Fate Treasures

★) Refining Gold Grade and Up Treasures
– Refine using the same grade of treasure. Boosts up specific attributes.

★) Treasure Level-Up
– Level them up in intervals of +5 to fully activate attribute boost (Example: Lv 20 then lvl 25 then lvl 30 so on)

★) Goddess Upgrade
– Boost on specific Holy Place Stats depend on what goddess.

★) Get Higher Grade Goddesses
– Upgrade Purples to unlock goddess frags on Altar then proceed to unlock the Gold Goddesses then Red Grade Goddesses.

★) Holy Place Protection
– Different types of holy places gives only one place or two places or even threes to put Goddesses in. Wait for further limited events on Holy Places.

★) Mount Upgrade
– The better the mount, the faster your speed. Don’t forget to hasten! (Look at Mount Notes for more details)

★) Magic Ring Upgrade
– Massive PVP Power Boost. Get better grade rings or materials from doing Guardian Rewards on Goddesses in Wilds Tasks, and from Lavalord chests (*Important: Try to MAX on lava chests everyday)

★) Wedding Rings Upgrade
– Do Love Temple with your partner to get Love Fruits to boost your Rings. Get to certain lvl to unlock PvP Boost!