This guide is made with the intention of helping new players out and allowing them to come to terms with what power is and what needs to be done to become a more powerful player. Older and more veteran players are recommended to read this guide regardless if they want to understand more about what power does for a player and other ways of becoming more adequate in combat. Please understand that this isn’t a stupid simple list that will proclaim the top 10 things that give you power, but instead is an introspective look at the difference between getting more power versus more stats. (I basically click-baited you.)


What is power?

Power is the visual representation of the accumulation of a player’s stats throughout their exo, endo, deploy, and character (and some random power that you get for no real reason from upgrading things). Certain stats have a different amount of power gain per each individual unit of said stat added. For example, 1 atk stat gain= one power gain, but 3 +dmg= 1 power. The amount of power a stat gives is not indicative of how useful the stat is in actual combat, which is why it is important to understand what you, as a player need, to become more powerful.


Is power good?

Perhaps. While power is an indicator of how “powerful” a player is, it is a flawed form of thinking to associate a player’s strength solely on their power. Blindly chasing power is the general norm with newer players, and that is perfectly alright. With new players, as they are still getting their bearing on how the game works, and with power being the biggest highlight of a player, it’s typically sought after the most as they progress throughout the game. It is associated with how adequate they are in gameplays by even the most veteran of players, and while that isn’t necessarily a bad thing to do (as beyond a certain point a player cannot compete in pvp with very low power), it is important to remember that while good stats mean power, power doesn’t mean good stats.


Is a player having more power than me indicative of them being stronger?

Not necessarily. There can easily be a great deal of “fluff” power on a player. This power essentially comes from taking very large modifiers for certain character stats that will result in a great deal more power than other modifiers, but at the cost of actual live-combat usefulness. A perfect example is taking a character pdef % awakening on a godly weapon. While this adds a great deal of power by directly affecting the high base def a character bar has, it was limited usefulness. It will not only be useless for reducing damage until you are on the character bar but will also not reduce damage beyond a certain threshold of dps. If you were to take something like exo toughness % in the place of it, you would be able to prevent crits more consistently from players, and thus keep your exo alive longer to deal higher damage for a longer period, while also gaining more total fusion toughness to clear opponent parry and dodge stats. Players who focus on taking the appropriate stats needed to cover their weaknesses, rather than pushing what gives the most power- these are the true threats to your life.


How does power help me in combat?

It doesn’t. With sole exception of spring banner and certain gameplays not allowing you to challenge unless you meet a minimum power requirement, power doesn’t mean anything in combat. While more power means more stats, it does not necessarily account for three things: Good/necessary stats being taken, the actual player’s skill, and the effectiveness of another player’s stats against your own. A player who taken an excess of exo orientated stats to make it survive longer can easily defeat a player who mediocrely builds their character by just taking stats blindly and not making good use of them or takes stats geared towards the sole purpose of gaining power, not actual combative value. (E.g. Player who takes a lot of hp, def, immunity, -dmg, and toughness on their exo gains a lot of damage mitigation but not a lot of power, but a player who takes a lot of character def modifiers gains a lot of power at the expense of their heroes dying very quickly, and an thus gain an inability to defeat their opponent when whittled down to the character bar.)


What gives the most power?

While getting a lot of power isn’t the surefire way of being better than others, it still is a necessity to gain enough to challenge certain gameplays or to acquire certain higher-power benefits (auto wins, monument battles, leaderboards, etc.) The things that give the most amount of power are character modifiers. Character stats are very easy to increase and accumulate just by playing the game and upgrading gear, refining, and placing gems. As such, when character stats are affected by modifiers such as holy weapon tiers or godly weapon awakenings, the player tends to gain a lot of power- namely from def and hp awakenings, as those are extremely easy to increase excessively as you have a lot of base character stats late game. Other high increases in power come from hero level breakthroughs, hero upgrades, dragon crests and banners, deploy vipers, gear and star refines, and the accumulation of stats over time by playing the game and upgrading everything you can to the fullest.


How do I gain power?

Ah the answer you’ve all been waiting for. Too bad you won’t like the answer I’m going to give you. To gain power at a rate that can be deemed worthy of getting better at the game and not just remaining stagnant, one must have six things: Time, money, fiends, alts, consistency, and above all else, patience. While it is strictly not strictly necessary to have ALL these things, indulging in most of them to the best of your ability while also maintaining a balance between them is a necessity.

  •         Time- This is a very time-consuming game, one that has gameplays and events at nearly every waking hour, from boss lairs, to lava spawns, and even special monthly tournaments. While it’s not needed to partake in all of them, to do so means to get the most amount of rewards you can in a day, and thus over time acquire much more gains.
  •         Money- Paying for certain aspects of this game gives access to new and less restrictive features. You can partake in more, acquire items with relative ease, and even get things that you otherwise can’t or will take several months to farm without spending for. For example, you can farm a godly weapon through the magic item and holiday events for free. However, these events are very sparse and thus it’ll take several months to get a godly solely farming. Whereas you can spend during the godly weapon event and acquire one in within one day. It is important to spend SMARTLY not excessively, especially if you can’t afford to go gung-ho forever. Players have spent thousands on the game only to waste all the gems they bought on frivolous, useless, or straight up idiotic things. If that’s how you want to play the game, for looks and spending for the sake of spending, then I won’t judge. But if you want to become a better player, spend accordingly to your budget and don’t burn yourself out, lest a good event comes around and you can’t get the most out of it. It’s important to not spend on limited time deals or events in the early-game that give items that then can not only be easily farmed but can also are pretty much useless later (unless you intend to buy gems anyways).
  •         Friends- An important aspect of this game is your alliance. Without finding an active alliance, you will lose out on a great deal of rewards-namely runes from campaign and the benefits of having players who will back you up in combat (among many other alliance restricted/oriented gameplays). Having a partner is another important aspect of the game. The wedding ring at (8.25.2018) max level gives 180 pvp power and over 14k toughness, which is an exceedingly large number of important stats. In addition to this, having a consistent player for a partner will warrant you many gems from temple of love runs, better urgents runs, partner damage boosts and summoning, etc. Aside from strictly gameplay benefits, having a partner or friends to test new builds on or with, run different gameplays as a team, or simply having someone to bounce ideas off of, is a great way to not only grow in power, but grow as a player.
  •         Alts- Alts, or alternate accounts, are exceptionally useful in getting you access to things that are normally limited, even by recharging. There is a myriad of things you can use alts for, but the main purpose of alts is still the same: To make your main more powerful. Alts can be used to farm gems using trader, acquire nightmare dungeon tokens, farm alliance merit, farm magic rings, farm gear from stages, and even farm materials for magic ring upgrades. All these farmable items can be used on or transferred to your main one way or the other, of which will be explained in greater detail in the alts guide.
  •         Consistency- In this game you will be offered a great deal of opportunities to take part in events and gameplays. You will be given even more opportunities to farm for necessary materials and gear to advance in the game. One of the most important things to understand about the game is that while you are given a great deal of opportunities, unless you make use of them, you will be only be hurting yourself in the long run. For example, if you don’t play the game for a day- no big deal, you missed out on some farmable goods and maybe some event items. But if you continue to miss days of the game or only play sparingly (like some sort of filthy casual), then good luck in catching up with other more consistent and overall active players. If your intent is to just play for the sake of playing then this is no sweat off your back, but if you’re reading this guide then I assume you are looking to betterment yourself. Time spent playing and partaking in gameplays, events, and farming is how one becomes a better player and strengthens their account.
  •         Patience- This game is VERY farm intensive, meaning that you are going to have some level of patience to play the game without mass-spending to boost your rate of leveling, gear acquirement, an overall power and stat growth. Understand that a very large portion of this game’s playerbase spends on the game to boost their own affinity to play in pvp, and while many of things that they purchase are farmable, buying these items and the acquirement of gems for upgrades is a sound way to become stronger in less time invested. If you cannot afford to spend on much or just don’t want to spend, fear not. With the proper amount of dedication and farming spent towards improving your character, you can still thrive in all aspects of the game.