Holy Grail War is an event that takes place every Friday for players who are on the monument. It is split into groups of 50 people each, with the monument rankings determining the groups. The top 50 players on monument go to the Heaven Battlefield, while the top 51-200 will go to Hell Battlefield. It awards red wings and special tracks that give 20 PVP power (both are temporary, and increased pvp tracks are only for top 50) as well as a substantial amount of glory and a 7-day HP % title.


Taking Part:

To take part in this event you MUST have a monument title by the time the event starts. Because monument titles are given out at reset time on Mondays, this means you must be within the appropriate ranking prior to the new game week starting. To do this you need to increase your power to be greater than others- I recommend watching/reading the How Do I Gain Power guide(s).

Hell Battlefield:

Hell Battlefield is composed of the top 51-150 players in the region and is split into three different instances. These are for the 51-100, 101-150, and 151-200 ranked players according to monument power. Unlike Heaven Battlefield, there is no assignment or investment of coins- teams are randomly generated for each instance. This makes teamwork harder to come by, but through this guide I hope players will understand what needs to be done to win.


Heaven Battlefield:

Heaven battlefield is composed of the top 50 players according to monument power and involves assignment and coin investments to pick members for teams. The gameplay is split into two camps, frost and flame, with camp leaders. The frost team camp leader is the No. 1 monument player, while the flame team camp leaders are the No. 2 and No. 3 monument players.


Assign System:

Each camp leader has a pool of coin from which they can invest into players (and the coin is taken from their personal accounts). Whoever invests more coins on a player will gain that player on their team. The players themselves can also invest 3 million of their own coin on a team of their choosing should they have a preference. Now here is the downside to this: If you are one of the lower ranked individuals on the top 50 monument list you can be forcibly moved to the team you did not invest for, even without other investments placed on that team.  If someone invests an equal amount of coin as you for the same team, and all spots on that team are taken, then the lowest power player on that team will be forcibly be moved to the other team. E.g. A rank 50 player has invested 3 million coins to be on frost team. Then later all the spots become taken on frost team, but a rank 10 player wants to be on frost team. They then also invest 3 million coins, and instead of their investment failing, the rank 50 player is then moved to flame team. On Friday 20:00 game time, the assignment closes, and teams are generated.

Gameplay & Map:

As shown below, the Holy Grail War map is composed of many lanes, all centered around the middle area. The way to gain points in this game mode is very simple: Kill things or capture and deliver grails. It’s basically a giant game of capture the flag. Grails spawn in 3 locations, the top, middle and bottom of the map. Gold grails, which are worth 80 points as opposed to the silver 20, only spawn in the middle area. When a player takes a grail, their movement speed will be greatly reduced, and they will be shown on the map as holding the grail. If game settings are turned up, players are also able to see the grail symbol underneath you as you carry it, making it easy to find and kill you. If a player with a grail is killed, it results in the killer gaining the grail delivery bonus as well as 10 points for the kill.  E.g. if a player kills a gold grail holder, they get 80+10 points, or 90. It also results in a large delay in the grails spawn time (Silver grails spawn continuously unless a grail carrier is killed).


If you are in the Heaven Battlefield, then getting in touch with your camp leaders and forming a plan of attack is essential. The picture below illustrates what good planning and effective investment looks like compared to no strategy. If you are in the Hell Battlefield, since camps are randomly generated, the most you can do is understand how to make the vest of the team you have and act accordingly. This section will help you in that regard.

  • Lane/Side Control- Working together with your camp, it is advised to take control of a side of the map. This makes it possible to have constant lanes to take to transverse across the map without dying, as well as having control of one of the two most outward silver grail spawners. This makes scoring points through grail delivers possible at a continuous rate, which composes a large portion of the team’s points.
  • Warrior Grail Carriers- Warriors are the best grail carriers without a doubt. This is because while holding the grail a player has their movement speed greatly reduced, a warrior can use their whirlwind skill to dramatically increase their movement speed and deliver grails quickly, allowing more to spawn for your team.
  • Escorts- Don’t allow the grail carrier to go alone, this can result in them getting sniped or killed and thus limiting the amount of grails you can have your controlled areas spawn, while also giving points to the enemy.
  • Middle Area Control- Taking control of the middle area is immensely important, as taking control of it makes it possible to deliver the silver and gold grails that spawn for more points, often changing the tide of the battle. Summoners are very useful for clearing out these areas, as they can stand outside the middle area and cast rain to hurt any targets within.
  • Killing Enemy Grail Carriers- This is something that can be done by many players who has good offensive power but duo to a bloodline combo being the highest dps skill in the game, this a task that is best suited to them. Killing a grail carrier from the enemies’ side of the war not only gives bonus points, but also stops their grail from spawning for an extended period of time- thus making the amount of points they can get even more finite. It also counteracts the strategy below.
  • Force Spawning Grails- You can forcefully spawn grails, thus warranting more grails to spawn at their spawn location, which results in even more points when all grails are delivered. To force spawn a grail, take the grail from the location you wish to see multiple grails spawn, then avoid delivering it to the grail seat at your spawn. Instead hold onto it until a new grail spawns from the location you picked it up from. Then deliver the grail you are holding, and ta-da now that grail spawner now spawns two grails instead of one. I recommend you do this only on the grail spawner that your team controls, as doing it at the enemy grail spawner would allow the enemy camp to counteract the strategy with their own forced spawns. Similarly don’t bother doing it in the middle area, as carriers tend to die a lot there. If a carrier dies while two grails are spawning from one location at a time, then the spawner reverts to only spawning one at a time.