Holy Artifacts are holy weapons you place in Goddesses Holy Places that can give additional stats and attribute bonuses, and can unlock special Holy Skills. Holy Artifacts unlocks at Level 123 along with Hero Epic gameplay feature.

When you reach Level 123, Hero Epic gameplay feature is unlocked and locked Holy Artifact places become available on your Holy Places.

Here is a table featuring:

  • Set Components: which Holy Artifact belongs in which set.
  • Hero Epic Chapters: which chapter to get a specific Holy Artifact chest rewards.
  • Set Bonuses:  the bonus effect activated by a certain no. of Holy Artifacts  of the same set placed in.
  • Holy Artifact Skill: what holy artifact skill and benefits you get from activating it
  • [4] Set Bonus: the Set Bonus effect when you have all 4 Holy Artifact of the same set placed in; only with 4-set Holy Place.
  • Holy Skill Activation Req.: how much and what stat you must increase to activate Holy Artifact skill.
  • Can be equipped on…:  recommendations on where to place specific Holy Artifact sets in.
  • Layman’s Terms:   ¯_(ツ)_/¯ basic summary