Holy Artifacts are holy weapons you place in Goddesses Holy Places that can give additional stats and attribute bonuses, and can unlock special Holy Skills. Holy Artifacts unlocks at Level 123 along with Hero Epic gameplay feature.

When you reach Level 123, Hero Epic gameplay feature is unlocked and locked Holy Artifact places become available on your Holy Places.

Certain Holy Artifacts are better to use than other due to their holy weapon skills and set bonus, but this will vary depending on unit, location, build, and class. Note that class specific sets are determined in the chart below, and reasoning for that is provided. The reasoning behind certain artifacts going to certain units for a specific class are as follows:

  • Character- There are two options here- The class specific set or Odin’s Blessing. Each holy place must only have ONE SET of holy weapons, so don’t try to mix and match or you are losing out on valuable stats. The recommended set for character  is typically the class set as it provides bonus atk% and +dmg, however Odin’s Blessing is also viable assuming that the player in question typically has a very large amount of pvp in relation to the people they fight, otherwise it will not outweigh the benefits of Olympus. Odin’s will be more useful if you have a higher amount of PvP Power.
  • Endo- The only viable option here for The class specific set, as it gives a large amount of atk % and works with the classes’ strengths to become potent.  
  • Exo- Saracen’s Relic is the only option here. Use it to acquire large amounts of hp for your exo. You can also take Odin’s set for 120 pvp but at the expense of 198% hp (assuming 4 spot and all activations are met). 
  • Deploy- Your choice between Odin’s, Olympus’, or Saracen’s depending on deploy’s build and purpose. If to die instantly and do nothing, Odin. If to survive and benefit character, Saracen. If to deal damage, Olympus’.

Here is a table featuring:

  • Set Components: which Holy Artifact belongs in which set.
  • Hero Epic Chapters: which chapter to get a specific Holy Artifact chest rewards.
  • Set Bonuses:  the bonus effect activated by a certain no. of Holy Artifacts  of the same set placed in.
  • Holy Artifact Skill: what holy artifact skill and benefits you get from activating it
  • [4] Set Bonus: the Set Bonus effect when you have all 4 Holy Artifact of the same set placed in; only with 4-set Holy Place.
  • Holy Skill Activation Req.: how much and what stat you must increase to activate Holy Artifact skill.
  • Can be equipped on…:  recommendations on where to place specific Holy Artifact sets in.
  • Layman’s Terms:   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ basic summary