Breaking Down Heroes

WARNING!!! Breaking down Heroes requires

MASSIVE* amount of COINS

*Please see chart for the list of coin costs

Make sure your hero is NOT part of your hero set up or knight slots. You must take out the hero you want from your hero set up or knight slot and go to Altar.

Go to the “Sacrifice” tab and scroll down to select the hero you want to redo. It will show that it says ‘returns all strengthening materials’. That means if your hero has been enchanted, leveled, trained with whistles, breakthrough etc., you will get back all the materials (Dragon teeth, Mirage Crystals, Exp. points, Silver Whistles, Heroes used to enchant, SS Hero Soul) you have used on that hero.

Disclaimer! You will NOT lose anything, except for coins. You will get all your materials back; however, the coins you have previously used to breakthrough levels will NOT be returned back. Hence why, you will need massive amount of coins to build and level your hero back.

By using the materials you gain back, you can use the extra mirage crystals for enchanting or upgrading another hero. Dragon teeth can also be used to breakthrough another hero. Silver whistles gained from breakdown can be used to re-train that hero or on another.


There are a few reasons why you should redo heroes, here are the main ones:

  • To start over on Silver Whistles and re-train heroes.
  • To break down hero to get extra Mirage Crystals or Dragon Teeth for another hero.
  • In need of heroes for enchantment requirement by:
    • First, exchange unwanted heroes by enchanting them;

    • Then inheriting to wanted hero;
    • Lastly, break down that hero up to get heroes needed for enchantment.

Coin Cost Chart

This chart shows how much Gold Coin will cost you per level bracket when leveling heroes:

Disclaimer! It costs more coins if you use gears to level up heroes!!