Godly Weapons: Overview

A Godly Weapon is a special type of weapon gear with a unique class skill and gives additional stat boost attributes. Having a Godly Weapon is very important, but it gets very expensive. Godly Weapons are only obtainable through Events.

Godly Weapons are first introduced as a Level 70 Sub-Quest in the game.

When you reach Level 100, you will receive the Limited Exclusive Gift Pack: Godly Weapon.

Godly Weapons: Skills


Each class has a different and unique type of Godly Weapon and Skill.
The % Attribute value varies and depends on the Godly Weapon Skill Level roll.

➤ Bloodlines carry a Reaper Scythe as their Godly Weapon with the skill, Blood Oath.

Blood Oath: Red Theft Level _
Combo-hit increases Immunity _%. Each Crit Hit to opponent removes extra _% of max HP ( max of 3x Crit Hits). Crit also has a _% chance of interrupting Boss Skills.

➤ Summoners have a Magic Book as their Godly Weapon with the skill, Soul Oath.

Soul Oath: Taboo Incantation Level _
Summoners’ Damage increases by +__%. Causes extra __% Damage to high-speed targets and +__%. Silence to opponent; lasts 3s.

➤ Warriors carry a Battle Axe as their Godly Weapon with the skill, Sky Oath.

Sky Oath: Holy Trinity Level _
Immunity +_%; after Parrying there’s a __% chance of being Immune this time.

Godly Weapons: Training

Training Godly Weapons requires Elemental Stones for each Elemental attribute.

There are three types of Elemental:
Fire Elemental focuses on ATK attribute.

Water Elemental focuses on HP attribute.

Wind Elemental focuses on PDEF and MDEF attributes.

For every Elemental ☆level increase, the cost total increases. Each Elemental MAX ☆level is 10/10☆.
One Elemental Stone costs 100 Magic Gems and gives 100 points when injected without CRIT.

ProTip! 40% Coupon Event gives you a number of 40% coupons, depending how much you recharge for the event, on Elemental Stones in the Store Mall. One Elemental Stone will cost 60 Magic Gems with the discount.

Godly Weapons: Upgrading

You must MAX all three Elementals of your current Godly Weapon first before you can upgrade your Godly Weapon.
Upgrades unlocks higher awakening grade levels and higher percentage attributes.
Upgrading Godly Weapon gives you a tremendous boost on stats!

➤ Upgrading Godly Weapons (Level 1-5)

To Upgrade to the next Godly Weapon Grade, you will need another Godly Weapon.

➤ Upgrading Godly Weapons (Level 5+)

To Upgrade to the next Godly Weapon Grade, you will need an Iron Meteorite Stone.

Godly Weapons: Awakening


Awakening costs one Awakening Stone to roll. Like a dice roll, the percentage attribute options you may get are completely random.
One Awakening Stone costs 50 Magic Gems.

If you find a percentage attribute that you like, simply click [⇆] to replace your current one.
Or you can re-roll again using an Awakening stone in hopes for better or worse percentage attribute rolls.
Beanstalk Level 75 and 80 gives 5 free Awakening Stones a day per reset.

First Awakening Grade Level: The first level lets you roll “Godly Weapon Skill Level“. It is extremely important that this is used in your first slot. The max skill level you can get is Level 10.

Pro Tip! Anything above Level 7 is good. Level 9+ is ideal!

Second Awakening Grade Level and Above: Once you have upgraded your Godly Weapon, the percentage stat attributes rolls are unlocked.

Pro Tip! Do your best and try to look for Character % rolls.

FAQ! Why not choose static value? Attributes with static values are not good long term. With % values, those attributes will grow as you grow.

Pro Tip! Unsure which stat to go for? General stats to look for every class (from most important to least) are CRIT, TOUGHNESS, ATK and then other stats. Or you may use the godly skill to help with a stat you are lacking on.


Godly Weapons: Events

Level 100 Exclusive Gift Pack: Godly Weapon!

Buy the gift pack and get 6,000 Recharge Gems, 1 complete Godly Weapon, 10 Elemental Stones, and 250,000 Gold Coins!

➤ Recharge for Godly Weapon 
You need to spend and recharge certain amount of gems to obtain rewards!
Event rewards includes Godly Weapon Fragment Packs, Elemental Stones and Gold Coins.

You will need 100 fragments to combine into 1 Godly Weapon.

➤ 40% Coupon Event
Buy one Elemental Stone, get 40% off for second one!

➤Godly Weapon Exchange (Only in SEA and EU servers)

Exchange your Discount Coupons along with Magic Gems for Godly Weapon Fragments and Materials.


  1. Serana

    Hey you guys deleted all the forums ? i cant find the table for the costs anymore?

    • PoggsRed

      I’m working on getting them back up. We got hit by a bunch of spammers so I had to disable some access to the forums. I would also like to clean up some of the information there as there is some old (and therefore potentially incomplete or inaccurate) information there.

      You can still get to them by going to https://chaotichelpline.com/forums/

  2. RaynStorm

    Please explain godly casting stones if you don’t mind.

    • Mortis

      Also known as Awakening Stones. To summarize, you can use them on your godly weapon awakening tab to roll certain stat modifiers, and a class godly weapon skill. Without the stones the cost to cast would be 50 gems.

    • Mortis

      Also realized you could have meant the newly released godly cast stone item.. That’s just used open the secret slot in the gems tab and allows you to take an extra gem on every slot of gear/treasure.

      • Xesddathu

        Is there a certain level that unlocks it? I cannot find where to use it as there is no tab under gems labeled secret

        • Mortis

          Somewhere between lvl 130-135, don’t remember which exactly since it was already unlocked for me upon release.

          • Xesddathu

            Looks like 133

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