Goddess Date is a newly added feature to the goddess tab of the game. When selected, it initially gives the option to ‘change’ and thereafter gives the options of rendezvous and party, both of which we will be covering in detail in this guide.


Getting Started-

Before anything else you will begin with the Dawn Goddess: Aurora, and as you progress through leveling her, you will be able to unlock more goddesses for date. To do this, you must obtain the goddess invitation and materials from the party feature. Once you have these, you will be able to partake in Goddess Rendezvous and level the goddess up. Once the goddess reaches level 5 favor, you will unlock a new goddess to date. How many goddesses there are total is currently unknown- but will be discovered in time. Each level adds a small number of stats to your character.

Goddess Party-

To take part in the party you must be present in the area prior to its start. If you attempt to enter even a second late, you will be forced to wait until the start of the next party- so don’t try to be fashionably late. This means you will have to sacrifice the giant lavalord/boss lair spawns to take part, as the start times for party are hourly from 12:00 to 22:00 game time on the start of the hour. Note that you can enter the party at its start and then leave to still receive rewards from ranking- but you will lose out on everything else.

Upon entering the party, you will be asked questions or will have to participate in dice throwing to rank on the leaderboard. The questions asked each have a specific answer- and answering each correctly will give you points for ranking, and the dice game will give you more points based on your throw results. Note that each question has a specific answer for it, and that answering incorrectly can be attributed to many things, such as spacing, capitalization, etc. The umber guessing game is also present, but it appears to be that players are receive a different number as their own, meaning that figuring it out is difficult.

Furthermore, answering a question or number wrong may result in losing points. This requires further testing to confirm, but it is possible as through numerous tests in which hard questions were asked in the party, resulting in many wrong answers, the players who were AFK the entire party managed to get first place in ranking. Alternatively, it could be that the formula for party ranking is something akin to (x number of questions answered correctly/x number of answers given), with dice game being tallied in there somewhere as well. So, if you are unsure of the correct answer, then don’t answer at all. Not answering questions tends to result in a higher placement than if you had answered, oddly enough. This guide will feature the entire collection of questions and their answers once we perform more tests and collect data-so stay tuned.

Besides the questions and the dice game, there are also presents and red packets distributed throughout the event. The presents can be claimed for a short duration after they reach the bottom of your screen, however the red packet will contain gems that only a limited number of players will be able to grab, so get those fast. Based on your ranking in the party, you will be given rewards of coins, an invitation, and goddess packs.

Goddess Rendezvous-

Once you have acquired an invitation from goddess party, you will be able to choose which goddess’ invitation you want. Choose the goddess you wish to level and take their invitation. You will then be able to rendezvous with that goddess. Once you enter you will be presented with several questions/games that you must partake in to increase the goddess’ favor level. Once the bar is fully filled, she will gain a level. Note that to completely fill up the bar you must answer each question correctly/ get a good ranking in the games. If you answer each question correctly but don’t do good in the game, it is possible that you will fail.

Note that some questions don’t have a “right” answer and are questions that pertain to the goddess- for example, the Dawn Goddess will ask you which time of day you like- and the correct answer will be sunrise, as that is when dawn is. I assume that the questions will change with the goddess, so this guide will be updated with their unique questions and answers in time and after much testing. Certain questions will result in a mini-game where you must try and hit the center of the bar as the cursor moves to the left and right. The closer to the middle you get, the more favor you earn.

When the goddess asks for presents, you must give them either 10 of their gifts from the goddess party or 10 of their favor materials. Giving them 10 of their party gifts results in a very large amount of progress on the bar. If you fail to do this, you will lose progress on the bar and fail in the end. The dice throw game is completely luck-based, meaning that if you get a bad throw, then oh well. The higher your roll, the more points you get. The questions asked by the goddess are obvious in their answers- just say the thing that flatters them the most rather than the ones that are impassive. For reference, the questions and their correct answers will be located here once we have collected enough info on them through testing. If you fail to completely fill up the bar during rendezvous, then you will have to start over on your next attempt.