Genes are the new addition to the game that increase your stats through training, pairing, leveling, reorganization, and acquisition of bases. Now this may be very confusing to most people, since there are a lot of different aspects of genes that need to be understood, which is why we’re here to help you understand how genes work.



To get genes you must buy the ‘Gene Chest’ from the VIP store. Now before you go crazy and buy as many as you can, please note that the cost of these chests will increase for each one you buy in a day. This means that you can buy 16 chests for 13700 gems in a day (assuming you are Vip12), or you can be a sane person and buy 1 chests a day to get 16 genes for 1600 gems. Patience will be key in getting the genes you need without wasting tens of thousands of gems on them. While you only need 10 genes in total to be carried, you need to be on the lookout for mutant genes, which we will cover shortly, and excess genes can be used for leveling.

Mutant Genes:

Mutant genes are special genes that are much more powerful than normal genes. They have a gold double helix on their icon image and are called ‘Mutant Gene’ in their name. These are the genes you are looking for when you open chests, as they are rare and hard to get. The difference between a mutant gene and a normal gene is that the mutant gene has more characteristic modifiers than just the basic one that affect the mutation attributes. These modifiers can be def, +dmg, atk, -dmg, deadly, etc. and are all % values, making them very potent. When you get a mutant gene, the only way to activate these characteristics that they have is through pairing, which we will cover later. Be sure to carry a mutant gene asap in your gene slots and hold onto it until you have all mutant genes carried and you find a better one.

Level up:

Level up uses excess genes that you don’t want any more to increase the level of the gene. When the gene’s level is increased, you gain more basic stats. Please avoid leveling up your genes until all gene slots are filled, as carrying a gene will be more useful than leveling them.


Mutation Attributes:

These are initially small static or % values that increase in effectiveness as your genes are upgraded. The effectiveness of these stat modifiers increase as you get more characteristics activated on the gene. The stats modifiers themselves can be changed via the reorganize button, which for the cost of 25 gems, lets you change what stats get bonuses, and you can either choose to accept the changes or cancel. This allows you to get a mutation attribute that matches your characteristics, which is what you need. Do not bother doing reorganize until it is gold/red grade; i.e a red/gold grade Mutant Gene. This is because the amount of stats given by the mutation attribute itself increases when you reorganize at a higher grade, making it a complete waste of gems to reorganize at lower grades.


Gene Bases/Gene Grade Upgrading:

Gene bases are the four letters A, T, C, & G. By training and pairing you can acquire more gene bases that you do not have yet, and when you get all four bases, the gene gets a star. After getting a star, you lose all gene bases you had except one, and must redo the process of getting bases so that you get more stars. Once you have gotten all the stars for your grade, the grade of the gene will increase, and the stars will reset to zero and a new star will be added.

For example: If I had a white-grade gene with none of the three stars activated, after getting 4 different gene bases, I will have gotten one star. Then by repeating the process again two more times, I would have gotten all three stars on the gene, thus upgrading it from a white-grade gene into a green-grade gene. Then the stars would reset back to zero, and another star would be added to the previous three needed to upgrade, meaning that you now need to get four gene bases four different times to upgrade the gene into blue-grade. Then you keep repeating the process, each time becoming more tedious, until you reach red-grade.



By placing a gene into training, you wait 8 hours for it to complete (or spend gems to speed up the training), and it will either give you a new gene base, a free level up, or a free reorganize. You can also buy more training spots to train more genes at the same time, but be warned, the cost of these will go up with each one you buy.



Characteristics are found in two forms: The basic stat buff and the pairing stat buffs. Now the basic stat buff is something that is immediately acquired upon carrying a gene and does not require pairing to activate. The pairing stat buffs however, are only found on mutant genes, as we’ve covered before. Each time you pair a gene it will count as one pairing, and for every 6 to 12 pairings you do on a gene (until a max of 48), the more effective the characteristic buff becomes. Characteristic buffs DO NOT work directly on your character- they affect the mutation attribute. This means that the mutation attribute effect becomes stronger via characteristics, ONLY if you have a characteristic that is the same as your mutation attribute. E.g. a 6% exo dodge stat for mutation attribute is affected by a 15% dodge characteristic to become 6.9% exo dodge total.

Pairing itself is tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing, so allow me to elaborate on the process. Pairing opens every Friday & Saturday and cannot be done on other days. You can spend gems to achieve a maximum of 6 pairings in a day. When you select a gene for pairing you must choose a gene that is compatible with other genes, and compatibility is determined by their bases. Each gene can only be paired with another gene if they both have a base that the other needs. For example, a gene with bases AC can pair with a gene that has bases TG and after pairing is done, the gene(s) may have acquired a base that it didn’t previously have. Other times you will not be able to pair, such as with two genes that only have an A base or when a GCT gene tries to pair with a T gene. It wont work because both genes cannot gain any new base. Once you select the appropriate genes for pairing, the process will be done instantly, and the new base/reorganize/level up will be acquired, as well as one pairing for the characteristics tally (which is only useful if a mutant gene).

Use the gene compatibility chart below to see which genes can be paired with others. (Credits to Ivo EU10 from the Chaotic Helpline Group for making this chart.)

CliffNotes Edition to Genes:

  1. Get genes from chests in VIP store to activate the genes tab in social. Don’t buy the genes chests in mass amounts since its very expensive and you can upgrade/get these genes over time cheaper anyways. Buy some genes yes, but pace yourself.
  2. There are special genes called ‘Mutant Genes’ which give much more characteristic bonuses from pairings.
  3. Leveling genes increases their basic (static) stats by feeding away extra genes. No leveling up until you have genes equipped on every slot (10).
  4. When you equip a gene you get activation of the mutation attributes, basic characteristic, and basic stats immediately, but not the pairing characteristics.
  5. Characteristics are unlocked on mutant genes via pairing your genes with other people on Friday and Saturday and can only be done then. This are the big buffs to your mutation attribute effects ONLY, NOT your character. It can also give gene bases through appropriate base pairing, or can give free reorganize or free level up.
  6. Reorganizing lets you change the mutation attributes of the gene to match the characteristics and make it more powerful, don’t do this until you have a mutant gene you want to keep.
  7. Training gives either a new base to the gene, a free reorganize, or a free level (it’s RNG).
  8. When a gene gets 4 bases from training it increases in 1 star. When all stars are filled, the grade of the gene increases and the stars are reset and a new star to fill is gained.

Other important things to note:

  • Pairing with higher grade genes may have some merit to it, we are unsure as of now.
  • You cannot pair a gene if it is in training.
  • As you get more stars on a gene, the double helix will change color to reflect the change in grade it will soon undergo
  • Characteristics are NOT modifiers for your character, they only affect mutation attributes.
  • To have characteristics work properly you need to have them be the same stat as your mutation attributes. To do this, reorganize your mutation attributes until they match with characteristics.