Gear Strengthening

Your Gear’s max Strengthening Level will increase as your Character Level increases!
Every Character has 10 Gear slots. After equipping Gear you can use Coins to strengthen and increase their Levels. Gear level cannot be more than double your Character’s level, so if you want to upgrade further, you’ll need to first level-up your Character!
Once all your Gear has been strengthened to a certain level, you’ll receive a PvP Power bonus, massively increasing your Character’s strength in battle!
Tip: If you find yourself lacking Coins… go and play the Dragon Coin Push! You can get masses of Coins there really quickly!

Purifying Gear

Purple Grade Gear and above have both Basic Stats, and Secondary Stats. The higher a Gear’s Grade, the higher its Secondary Stats can be! Now, although the type of Secondary Stat is fixed, you can increase it by purifying!
By purifying, you can make your Gear’s Secondary Stats stronger and stronger! Once you purify one of the Secondary Stats to Gold level, you should first Replace, then tap the “Lock” to make sure you don’t lose it. After locking a Gold Stat on a piece of Gear, you can then keep on purifying until both Secondary Stats are Gold!

Refining Gear

Finally, besides the methods mentioned above, you can also increase your Gear’s stats by refining it!
However, it’s important to note that you’ll need to use up the same Gear when refining. So, when you get duplicate Gear, don’t rush of and feed it to your Beasts or put it up for auction in the Alliance, go refine!
Simply follow the above methods, and you’ll can upgrade your Gear in no time!
To battle!