Ah the Temple of Love. Despite being one of the most consistent farms for gems a day, as well as provide mats for a serious increase in both toughness and pvp power, is sadly all too ignored by some players. Whether it be because they don’t realize its value, don’t have a partner to consistently run it with, or simply don’t know how the gameplay works, I do not know. However, I am here to explain to you the best way to get both gems and lots of love stones each day from temple runs.


Task Rewards-

Now to start off, Temple of Love has tasks. For each task you complete, you get a predetermined amount of stones based on the task grade. Green gives 1 stone, blue gives 2, purple gives 3, and gold gives 4. Please note that the task “Eternal Keepsake” requires you to pick up two chest that randomly spawn on the map, ergo the task stone rewards are doubled for them. (A purple eternal keepsake will give 6 stones, as opposed to the normal 3 stones from any other purple task.) 50 gems will also be rewarded for the completion of every gold task.


How do I get the most love stones?

Love stones are given until you reach an amount that exceeds 24 (so if you get 25 or more stones, you can no longer receive stones upon task completion). As such, the surefire way of getting the most amount of stones possible is to complete tasks until you reach exactly 24 stones as a reward (keep track of your previous run’s total and add it to your current run if not yet done). Once you reach 24 awarded stones for the day, DO NOT complete tasks unless they are of a high grade or stone count. Be on the lookout for golds, high grade eternal keepsakes, and the ultimate task- the gold eternal keepsake. Once you complete this task, you will be rewarded the full amount of stones, and thus will be able to get over 25 stones per day. The maximum amount of stones you can get in a day is 32 (24 previously accumulated stones + gold eternal keepsake [8 stones worth]).


How do I get high-grade/gold tasks?

If you are having a tough time finding any good grade quests to finish on or have finished your stone farm and just want more golds to spawn for those sweet gems, then fret not, as you can forcefully spawn new tasks. This is done every time you complete a task, but also when you either hold onto a task for an extended period and then abandon it or complete a task halfway and then abandon it. This allows more tasks to spawn, thus warranting more chances at finding a high-grade task to finish on or more golds to complete for gems.


Grab N Go-

When you collect items or dig for a chest in temple you can hit the respective button to perform the action, HOWEVER, you do not have to sit through the animation which makes you immobile. Instead, so long as you keep your joystick moving, you can cancel out the animation and keep moving as you collect/dig. Keep in mind that if you let go of the joystick after beginning the collection, you will be frozen in place until it is complete. By doing this every time you collect or dig, you will save a LOT of time to find and complete other tasks, warranting you with more rewards.



To help you orient yourself with the three temple of love maps, we have created these recreations of the areas, each with a marker where any collectables can be grabbed. To remember where certain collectables are for a task will help immensely with saving time and getting both stones and gems.

– Credits to @Chris (AllinLois) from Chaotic Helpline Group for making these awesome temple maps!