Have you ever wished you could have any more of the following items: Recharge gems, gear, magic rings, alliance merit, or magic ring upgrade materials? Well these things are easily obtainable in the land of alts. Alts, or alternate accounts, are different characters from your main character. Alts can be on the same account as your main, or can be a separate account altogether, and each has its own use. This guide will help you create proper alts that are capable of farming you the materials and gems you need to succeed in the game.


Why should I make alts?

Aside from giving your main account more access to recharge gems without actually having to spend money to get them (Please note that these gems, while recharge in nature, will not increase your vip level nor will count towards the recharge total for events), alts can farm limited materials or items and transfer them to your main through trader, alliance warehouse, or gift tickets.


What can I get from alts?

  •         Alliance Merit- Merit is the bare minimum a player should get out of their alts, as it is an extremely proficient way of acquiring dragon teeth, refresh passes, strength banners, and one-armed bandit tokens. The amount of merit a player can accumulate on their main per day (without spending on donations) will not be enough to buy the maximum of these 4 items per day. That’s right, a player can buy 150 dragon teeth, 20 refresh passes, 20 strength banners, and 10 tokens, EVERY day without running their merit reserves dry- all with the power of multiple alts. Running dungeons, doing daily missions, and partaking in dragon training/receiving alliance war season rewards are all ways alts can get merit. Then, by either bringing your alt(s) to your alliance or going to your alt’s alliance, you can place gear from your main into the alliance warehouse and have your alts buy them it their merit, thus providing lots of merit to your main. This merit can routinely be obtained from your alts and stockpiled, then slowly used up by daily spends on everything you need, all the while your alts are continuing to build up their reserves of merit for transfer again.
  •         Gear/Hero Stars- Unlike with merit farming, gear farming requires that you level up your alts to acquire the higher-level gear from stages. By farming stages, you will be able to get Red I & II gear in abundance, and seeing as you need to refine up to a total of 15*, it is advisable to level your alts and farm sages for your class gear if you want to max refines early, and you can even trade gear with other players to get the piece you need. Later in the game you will also be able to farm auxiliary double stars from stages, which becomes a VERY intensive farm towards the end of the level spectrum. It can take months for players to max refines on stars just because certain auxiliary star frags are not dropping and they are unwilling to spend hundreds or over a thousand gems to get it from trader.
  •         Recharge Gems- Recharge gems are very useful because they can be transferred to other accounts or characters via trader or gifting (However, gifting gives it to random people and in random amounts so its not viable). They are also shared between all characters on an account, meaning that if you make an alt on the same account as your main and get recharge gems on it, you will see able to access those recharge gems on your main. Now the way to get recharge gems: Trader. Other than spending money, trader is the only way to get recharge gems in game, and thus is the only way to get recharge gems for free. Essentially, if you were to get a piece of gear that you don’t want, rather than feeding it away or trading it, you can alternatively sell it on trader, other players will buy it, and it will warrant you recharge gems. Because you can only make two sells a day per character, the more alts you have the more sells you can make per day, ergo the more net profit you can earn. If you get recharge gems via trader on alts that are on the same account as your main, then you will be able to instantly access those gems on your main. If you get gems from trader on alts that are not on the same account as your main, you can transfer it via trader or gifting. Note that gifting gems will change the status of the gems- turning them from recharge to normal gems and will have random distribution to people, whereas transferring via trader will incur a 10% tax of the price of the item bought.
  •         Magic Rings/Materials- We’ve covered both merit and stages farming with alts, however there Is another aspect of the game alts can farm- Giant Lavalord. By farming giant lavalord a player can open the chests to claim magic ring fragments, whole magic rings, and magic ring upgrade materials. The rings themselves can be acquired on alts and then transferred to your main via trader and can be used to level up your equipped ring- providing you with lots of pvp power. Now as for magic ring materials (Mithril, steel, stardust, and soul crystal), these are farmed alongside the rings. The downside, is that these cannot be transferred to your main in any traditional way. To transfer these, you need a gift ticket. Gift tickets can be farmed in three ways: Kings Melee War 1st-10th place, rare events in the events tab, and the one we will be focusing on, charm contest. The charm contest allows you to enter any female character into the contest and have players send them roses to win items and fashion. The rewards for 1st-3rd include gift tickets- meaning that if you add a female alt into the contest and win a gift ticket via donating gems to the cause (donate using regular alt gems, as they have no real purpose besides events like this), you can then transfer the materials to your main. How much can you transfer per ticket? A whopping 1.5k of one material type, which is plenty.


Getting Started:

The first things of importance you must decide when making your alts is class and gender. For gender, the answer is simple: Female. Female alts allow you to enter them into charm contest and win gift tickets as explained previously, so always make your alts female. As for the class of the alt(s), this is up to you. I personally recommend making one of each class, that way you have your main plus one alt of the same class farming gear for your class, while the other two alts can act as trader/selling alts while also maintain a chance of a whole drop in favor of your main’s class. But this is really all personal preference. Once you’ve made your alt, invest some time into making it more powerful. It doesn’t have to be spectacular, nor does it have to do anything in pvp, but if it is capable of handling lavalord and stages up until your gear/trader farm is complete, then it is good to go. I recommend investing into offensive types of gems and stats with alts, as damage in needed to defeat stage bosses and lavalord. Aside from building the alt(s), you also need to create or find an alliance for them to dwell in. If you keep all your alts in one alliance, typically known as an alt ally, you can access them with relative ease when you either go to them or have them come to your ally for merit transfers.


How many alts should I make?

That is your decision I’m afraid. I personally recommend a minimum of at least 3 alts so that you can access every class and see their skills, atk patterns, etc. while also having a large enough of a merit/gear farm to turn a profit and not diminish your resources. I started with three alts, but as I progressed in the game I wanted more lavalord items, more merit, more gear, and above all else, more gems. The more alts you have, the greater your farm, and the larger your profit margins will become. If you have lots of time to play, then invest into more alts rather than idly doing nothing on your main. If you don’t have time for many alts, or don’t think you have time for any, fret not. While initially It takes some time to set alts up and get them ready for farming, it becomes a routine with very little resistance, and in time you will come to do them as though they were an extension of your main. Pro tip: The more alts you have, the lazier you can afford to be with each to achieve the same amount of return for investment.


Do I NEED alts?

Not necessarily, no. But unless you want to waste tens of thousands of gems for hero breakthroughs, have a lower pvp power due to decreased ring/material farm, and have to spend more to get the gems you need for upgrades, it’s better to make alts. Even if you are a top spender, make alts. It will not only save you money, but make you capable of farming things that you can’t pay for (at least on a regular basis).