Empire strike is an event that occurs every day at 20:30 game time. The gameplay involves two teams which compete against one another in other for points. Points are earned through skilling players, skeletons, and bosses

Gameplay and Map:

As shown below, the Empire Strike map is triangle-shaped with two vertical lanes, two horizontal lanes, and one converging point at the top of the map. The boss spawns at this top area, with the counter on the map indicating how much time is left until the next spawn. Skeletons spawn on the map in three locations, thirty seconds after it was last killed at its spawn. One spawns in the middle lane’s center area, while the other two spawn on the bottom lane on the left and right sides. Player bases are located at the left and right triangle points and are connected to the bottom and side lanes. Player kills award 10 points, skeletons 15, and bosses change depending on how far into the gameplay you are, with their HP and point value increasing substantially after each kill.


Unfortunately, the matchmaking for this event is random, meaning that you can’t work out a plan with players prior. However, by utilizing the following strategies for this event, it is possible to win and even place high on the rankings without needing to be overtly more powerful than everyone else.

  • Skeleton Control- While it’s hard to kill the skeleton that spawns closest to the enemy base, killing the one near yours, and the one that spawns in the center lane each time is an important and easy way of earning points. Since the skeleton takes a preset amount of hits to kill each time, players are advised to not waste their combo skills on them, as those should be saved for other players or the boss to ensure as many points as possible. If your team keeps taking two skeleton kills for every one your opponent does, it can add up to hundreds of points in favor of your team.
  • Don’t die excessively- If you aren’t as strong as the majority of players in the event then don’t get yourself killed for no reason; that only results in giving away free points to the enemy team. Instead, use your skills effectively and farm skeletons (which aren’t hard to kill no matter your power) or disrupt enemy attacks by using your combos, silence, stuns, or paralyze so that other players can kill them. If you are at low health or lost a hero, heal at the base. Furthermore, disrupting your enemies during the boss spawn, especially when it’s about to die, is pivotal to helping your team secure the kill and ultimately the win.
  • Kill the boss- The boss is single-handedly the largest source of points in this event, and a weaker team can win simply by killing the boss most or every time and not having excessive deaths on their team. Work together with your team to strike when the opportunity presents itself and kill the boss; even if your team can’t compete with the enemy team, it’s possible to win through the boss.
  • Work as a team- Whether it be attacking the boss or advancing on the bottom lane to the enemy’s side, or even challenging mid for the skeleton, work with others. Combined attacks make it so that you’re able to get kills where you normally wouldn’t or against multiple enemies. It makes getting points for your team easier, and pushing ahead while alone can often get you killed.
  • Choke Points- If your team heads to the boss spawn several seconds before it starts and sets up a defense on the entrance to the top area of your opponent’s lane, it’s possible to delay and/or kill enough enemies that the boss kill will almost always go to your team. Players who excel at aoe attacks (summoners) should focus on whittling player count down and silencing so they can’t use skills on the boss, while warriors would do good to stun and combo high dps players so that they are briefly delayed in their skill usage and capable of losing out on the boss kill, whereas they otherwise may have stolen it. Bloods easily are the best suited for killing the boss, as they have a 16-hit combo, but should they choose to use it on a high dps enemy, they may end up saving their team from losing the boss kill. In short- work together and act as a team to ensure victory.