Egg Smash

The Egg Smash Feature allows you to get heroes for free daily or use gems to smash Purple Eggs.

Here are some guidelines for Egg Smash:

 There are only 4 types of eggs you can smash. Gold Egg is only available in Events.
 Green eggs reset daily at 0:00 server time with five (5) free tries.
Get Hammers to smash Eggs from participating in Empire Strike and additional weekly rewards!

Timers and Types of Eggs

There are three (3) primary types of eggs:

  • Green Egg – They have a 5 minutes  cooldown between free smashes. You must have green hammers in order to smash more. You get five (5) free tries per day to smash a Green Egg.
  • Blue Egg – They have a 24 hour cooldown between free smashes. You must have blue hammers in order to smash more.
  • Purple Egg – They have a 72 hour cooldown between free smashes. You must have purple hammers in order to smash more or use 268 Magic Gems to smash.

Notice that you have two options in smashing Eggs. You can smash once or 10x Smash with 10% Discount Off on Magic Gems if you do not have enough hammers to smash.

You can only use Magic Gems to smash Purple and Gold Eggs. The option is unavailable for Blue and Green Eggs.

There is also a gold egg that is the primary way to get SS heroes, and is only available during Gold Egg Event. It has a 12 hours cool-down between free smashes during limited event time.

Players can also pay 268 Magic Gems for additional gold egg smashes. Players can also get free hammers to use to smash eggs from events  such as 50% Coupon Event and Gold Hammer Exchange, and other game plays.

Additional Features

On the main page of Egg Smash players will see an icon for a Handbook. The handbook allows players to see every type of hero available from egg smashes. SS Gold Heroes will appear in the Handbook once you get a Gold Hero Soul. Players can list them by grade or see more details in order to view stats.

Also on the main Egg Smash page, there is a gear icon for Settings. Within settings players are able to choose to auto-sacrifice certain grade heroes.