Nightmare Dungeons

Nightmare Dungeons are difficult-level special, rare dungeons. They give out specific rewards depending on what type of dungeon it is.  These dungeons have also level requirements in order to take part in and/or get dungeon token drops.


You MUST have a nightmare dungeon token in order to create a team. Nightmare dungeon tokens are rare drop rewards from regular Star Dungeons.

You only have ONE free attempt to join another player’s nightmare dungeon team. If you have a dungeon token, it does NOT use up your free attempt.


As long as you have a dungeon token, you can run a nightmare dungeon as often as you’d like. There is NO LIMIT on how many dungeon tokens you can use in a day.



The party Leader (who has the token) get will get 400% of the dungeon rewards IF they have a FULL team. A two person run yields 200%. Team mates/Solo only get 100% of the dungeon rewards–so make sure you invite some friends!


Rewards include lots of purple treasure and blue treasure fragments, and the following below depending on which type of nightmare dungeon:


☆Magic Gem Dungeon (Lv. 128)
Leader Rewards: 100 Magic Gems
Team Rewards: 25 Magic Gems

☆Mirage Crystal Dungeon (Lv. 118)
Leader Rewards: 120 Mirage Crystals
Team Rewards: 30 Mirage Crystals

☆Silver Whistle Dungeon (Lv.108)
Leader Rewards:  40 Silver Whistles
Team Rewards: 10 Silver Whistles

☆Coin Dungeon (Lv.98)
Leader Rewards: 8m Coins
Team Rewards: 2m Coins

☆Dragon Tooth Dungeon (Lv.88)
Leader Rewards: 80 Dragon Teeth
Team Rewards: 20 Dragon Teeth