Dragon Mine City Battle

Dragon City Mine Battle unlocks at Lv.103.

The game play features players to occupy resource mines and collect dragon crystals in Dragon Cities across the dragon continent map. By collecting dragon crystals, you can exchange them for limited Dragon Scrolls, Dragon Upgrade materials, and City specialties.

Here are some guidelines on Dragon City Mine Battles:

✦The Alliance that occupies the most mines in a city at 21:00 each day can “Rule” that City (must occupy a minimum of 10.)

✦Members of the Alliance that Rule a City will get a production bonus and can buy that City’s specialties.

✦An Alliance can only occupy one City. Countryside Villages cannot be ruled.

Dragon Chests will appear daily between 12:00 and 14:00 for players to claim.

✦Can NOT expel other players between 23:00 and 9:00.

✦Giant Dragons will clear all Mine Owners on Thursday ending all Alliance’s rule. (After Weekly Maintenance Hours).

Occupy, Expel, Plunder, Bounties, and Battle Assist

When occupying a resource mine, you can occupy a vacant mine or expel another player off their mine and occupy. The PVP battles are the same as in Arena battles. You can occupy a mine for a total max of 12 hours, then you must reset your mine when your time is almost over or find and occupy a better grade or the same mine. You can always abandon your mine if you need to reset or go to another mine.

Beware! As an occupier, especially on gold mines and dragon crystal mines, you are at a high risk of plundering during your mine occupation period. Make sure to always check your mine every now and then, and/or you can ask for a Battle Assist.

Players can also set bounties on other players using their gems. This will let players take those gems if they expel the player with a bounty on them. If no one expels the player or if they reset their mines, the bounty will be canceled and the player who set the bounty will have their gems returned. Note however, that the ability to set bounties is only applicable for vips. 

With Battle Assist, you may request a stronger player from your Friend’s list to become a Helper and guard you from other strong players. However, battle assist can only be used once a day. If the helper is defeated and you have been expelled out of your mine, you will be unable to ask battle assist from the same person again.

When facing against a player with battle assist on a resource mine, you must first fight their helper assisting the player, and then you fight the occupier and defeat them in order to either occupy, plunder or expel them off their mine.

You can occupy mines as many times as you want. However, you can only expel players 5 times a day.
You can only plunder players 3 times a day. You get about 10% of their dragon crystals from plundering.

Pro Tip! 40 Seconds before 23:00 Lockdown or 21:00 Rule, if you challenge your own alliance members and lose on purpose, you cannot be expelled from your mine because you are in battle.

Types of Dragon Cities

In this game play, there are various types of cities scattered across the continent.
Moving around the continent requires a certain number of Action Movement points. You only get max of 10 Action Movement points.
You may acquire Movement Tokens from Dragon Chests, or Buy Movement Tokens. Prices increases with daily purchases.
You recover 1 Action Point per 120 Minutes or 2 hours.

Each type of city have different types of resource mines available and specialties rewards.

Capitals: 21 Silver Mines, 8 Gold Mines, 1 Dragon Crystal Mine (Rule gives +20% Crystal Production Bonus)
✧Forest Capital
✧Sunburn Capital
✧Harvest Capital
✧Blizzard Capital

Cities: 16 Copper Mines, 10 Silver Mines, 4 Gold Mines (Rule gives +18% Crystal Production Bonus)
✧Dragon Heart City
✧Dragon Claw City
✧Dragon Spine City
✧Dragon Flame City
✧Dragon Scale City
✧Iron Wings City

✦City Forts: 24 Copper Mines, 6 Silver Mines (Rule gives +16% Crystal Production Bonus)
✧Crystal Dragon Mountain
✧Snow Dragon Village
✧Flame Dragon Fort
✧Snow Dragon Fort
✧Green Dragon Valley
✧Black Dragon Dungeon

Town Villages: 18 Iron Mines, 12 Copper Mines (Rule gives +15% Crystal Production Bonus)

Countryside Villages: Infinite Iron Mines (Cannot be ruled)
✧Stone Lizard Village
✧Dragon Cave Village
✧Salamander Village
✧Sea Snake Village

Every now and then, special effects would reside in a random dragon city across the continent.
The following below are the buffs and debuff effects that may occur:

Collapse: All mine productions decreases 20%.
Appears with dark black clouds and glowing yellow aura effects.

Riches: Get an extra 20% from all mines.
Appears with glowing yellow aura effects.

Treasure: Get a Dragon God Chest every 2 hours you occupy.
Appears with glowing green aura effects.

Types of Resource Mines

Different types of cities have different types of resource mines available. On the top right corner, there is a “Search Mine” feature that can help you automatically find a vacant resource mine and take you on that page.
The following below is the types of resource mines:

✦Dragon Crystal Mine
Earnings: 1200 Dragon Crystals/hour

✦Gold Mine
Earnings: 800 Dragon Crystals/hour

Silver Mine
Earnings: 700 Dragon Crystals/hour

Copper Mine
Earnings: 600 Dragon Crystals/hour

Iron Mine
Earnings: 500 Dragon Crystals/hour


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