Double Star

Double Star gear unlocks at Lv.170.

Double Star Sets are the next set of pieces for your heroes after R2 Grade Gear.

Here are some Guidelines for Double Star gear:

✦ Double Star sets are divided into MAIN and AUXILIARY.
✦ All Hero Main Stars are found in Boss Lair rewards.
✦ All Hero Auxiliary Stars are found in Stage rewards

Stats and Refining

When a main star is paired with an aux star of the same class, the set pair activates HP and ATK additional stats. Below is a class equivalent reference chart on stats.

You will need to the same set grade double star to refine a double star piece til max refinement. For example in order to refine a 1-Star piece from level 0✯-1✯, you need another 1-Star piece of ANY set-class to input for refinement. After max refinement, you will need to change to a better set-grade double star.

The higher grade double star you have, the more double star materials you need for max refinement. On the table below shows how many of the same grade double stars you need to refine to the next ✯ level.