Before I get into actually talking about the Deadly stat, I want to spend some time talking about how we get around to determining enough information to even talk about a stat in the first place. Also, how even with enough information, we can get things so very wrong. So if you care, bear with me here while I explain. For the TL;DR — you can skip all of this and scroll down to The True Nature of Deadly section at the bottom of this post.

Over the nearly 3 years playing Goddess Primal Chaos, thousands of players have shared their efforts in theory crafting the various stats and content the game throws at us. From the early days, where the only additional content was with the introduction of SS Grade 11 heroes and Godly Weapon levels, to present time with the addition of Dragons, Instruments, Genes, and Evolve Cards, players have spent hours upon hours stress testing their build compositions trying to find the optimal setup, if not to simply figure out the true nature of the stats provided.

We all have learned through trial and error, that sometimes our assumptions get the best of us and our tests can sometimes be flawed by unknown circumstance, which bringing us to conclusions that seem to make sense but over time, don’t scale with progress or apply to all players equally. Instead of heeding these red flags, sometimes players either stop testing and live simply by the ‘GET MOAR‘ strategy, or otherwise rely on other players to tell them what they should have without a deep understanding as to why.

The primary issue with ignoring these red flags or additional testing is that often this can perpetuate into the community as a whole, and even from the game developer’s own official accounts.

A perfect example of this is the Toughness stat, which had the longstanding suggestion that you required 2x the amount of toughness as you had CRIT, Parry, or Dodge. At one point, even GPC developers had posted on their Facebook page confirming that, indeed 2x Toughness to your CRIT/Parry/Dodge was the formula for determining if you had the optimal amount.

It didn’t help that the original description of Toughness in all non-Asian languages stated that “The higher the value, the easier to cause CRIT, Parry, and Dodge”.

High powered, long time players, including myself, then sought to ‘balance’ out their build because ‘over toughness’ would unnecessarily take away from their ability to increase other stats. Now, with the help of some more diligent testing from other players (My credit goes to 100in — EU Warrior [RIP]) we can look back and laugh at how we ever would have believed such a thing, and toughness is, in fact, a stat that depends on your opponent’s CRIT/Parry/Dodge. Once this was tested and confirmed without dispute, it took about 10 months and some Chinese lessons (the Asian language version of the game was always accurate) for me to convince the game developers to revise the Toughness description to the more accurate description we have now. “The higher the value, the harder it is for opponents to CRIT/Parry/Dodge”. This makes way more sense, as we now know that your Toughness has nothing to do with your ability to Parry/Dodge, and CRIT is entirely up to your opponent’s outermost Toughness.

Outermost Toughness + 50% = approximate amount of CRIT you are capable of clearing. Local Parry (or local Dodge) x 6 = approximate amount of fusion Toughness required to clear Parry (or Dodge).

Maybe I Should Explain Myself…

You might wonder why I’ve gone through great lengths to over-explain this history and not just jump right in to Deadly. Well, I have the unfortunate pleasure of directly and indirectly being part of several major information distribution centers (Line, YouTube, Discord, Facebook, and this website) that provide help and assistance to the GPC community as a whole. While this puts me and others in a place to disseminate useful, accurate information, it also has the side effect of potentially distributing incomplete or otherwise inaccurate information. So, I wanted to clarify not only how it’s possible to come to the wrong conclusions, but I also wanted to stress the usefulness of testing for yourself the information you are given. Even so, with 100% accuracy, build advice is typically best executed after considering ALL factors which can be as easy as what your power is, but as complicated as determining what will work best for a player given the strength and ability of their opponents.

Now, let’s FINALLY talk about Deadly.

Optimal Deadly:ATK Ratio

Deadly currently is defined as “The higher the value, the easier to cause max ATK!”. This seems simple enough to say that the more deadly you have, the more attack you will do. Back in the very early stages of the game, when the additional game content consisted of S11 heroes and a few additional Godly Weapon levels, I and another player (Adil – the longtime #1 Monument in NA) independently completed tests to see how much deadly is required to push the maximum amount of attack output — looking squarely at the description provided and our assumptions of deadly being an offensive stat. The test parameters were completed as such:

  • Observe character Max ATK stat (all heroes/deploy dead)
  • Increase Deadly until attack output did not further increase (to find supposed ‘Optimal Deadly’)
  • Max out Deadly as much as possible to eliminate the possibility of a higher damage tier
  • Decrease Deadly until attack output dropped (to solidify a closer ‘Optimal Deadly’)

With both Adil and myself having tested with about the same character stat, the result was as follows:

  • Character Max ATK stat was 260,000~
  • Deadly was increased and attack output fluctuated until 18,000~ Deadly was reached at which point attack output stabilized
  • Deadly was increased up to as much as 40,000~ Deadly without any additional increase in attack output
  • Deadly was decreased and immediately began to fluctuate in the 17,000~ Deadly range

With the results above, we determined that it took 18,000 deadly for 260,000 Max ATK to reach its full potential. So with that, the 1 Deadly per 14.44 High ATK formula was created. For over 2 years, players had followed this formula with great success in increasing their damage output. However, over those same 2+ years, new game content was added and players began finding that if they increased Deadly beyond 14.44, by as much as 1 Deadly per 9 High ATK, their damage output still increased against some players. Initially, relying on our early test, new theories began to surface that sought to include variables like PVP, Hela and Odin enchant ATK bonuses, Dragon Crests, as well as the massive amount of damage mitigation content.

Optimal Deadly 2.0

With the introduction of additional variables to the elusive Deadly formula, and with new power players (read: more interested in further testing) joining the ranks (my credit to Windstorm – NA 82 Summoner and 100in – EU Warrior [RIP]), the existing Deadly formula was bound for a shakeup.

Deadly is a Fusion Stat
The first shakeup was from 100in, who determined that it didn’t matter where you put Deadly, your attack output wouldn’t change. Deadly was indeed a fusion stat, and the idea of balancing out Deadly per hero was debunked as a requirement and became more of a recommendation to remain balanced as your heroes died — but could in theory stack all the required Deadly on your character and maintain the same damage output as you would if it was all on Exo.

Deadly is a Modular Stat??

Before quitting the game for good, 100in had made a mysterious yet accidental finding. While taking high level Deadly and DMG gems (decidedly offensive stats) from character and putting them on Exo to get the highest immunity he could get, it appeared Deadly had some sort of bonus reduction in damage that DMG gems did not. We could not determine why we were getting this result, just that it worked, so run with it. I had a bunch of Deadly gems from a previous ATK summoner build (over the more common DMG build for summoners) I had tried so I already had the gems to pull it off without worrying about affecting the rest of my build. I put em in then forgot about it because it didn’t really matter — my server was dying without a merge and I generally lost interest in testing much anymore. So the mystery of Deadly gems in immunity slots faded into apathy with an Exo that, frankly, just pissed people off.

Deadly to Push Against Mitigation?

After a few months of considering an exit from the game, my server finally got our 3rd merge (1st and as of this post, the only 3rd merge in NA) and I made the decision to stay with the game — despite still not really caring anymore about testing to the extent I had previously. It was not until coming across some new power players and big-time theory crafters coming up from what is now NA82, led by Windstorm, that I had been pulled back into caring about testing again or at least refining my outlook on game content. He had and still makes great strides in determining an optimal deadly amount to achieve maximum output (which is still relevant as I will explain later in this post). The results of his work I’ll leave for him to share with others, as those results are not mine to distribute. Though the purpose of this post may assist in fine-tuning his test methods if he wasn’t already aware of the true nature of Deadly.

In our chats together comparing findings, it seemed clear that more Deadly seemed to work against the opponent’s damage mitigation. My theory on this was that if you had enough Deadly to support 400,000 ATK output but your opponent was capable of mitigating you for 100,000, then you would need to increase Deadly to support 500,000 ATK so as to make up for the deficiency caused by mitigation. It seemed like a great theory but turned out to be rather difficult to test to any meaningful conclusion. So late in the game and being unable to remove some advanced game content made a testing procedure difficult (for me) to determine. However, absent an official test, it still remained that increasing Deadly still increased damage output, seemingly with no identifiable cap.

The Developers Step In

Communicating with the game developers can sometimes lead to more questions than answers. There have been times I have even been told that “I’m sorry, we cannot share those details with players”. Other times they have either avoided or forgotten to get around to even answering. So, with regard to Deadly, I wasn’t sure to what end they would evade the question of “How much Deadly is required for how much ATK?” — so while I had asked many times before, I never pressed the issue when they hadn’t responded.

Thankfully, another player and Admin in the Discord chat, BForster, had told me that the developers had given an answer that identified that Deadly isn’t a ratio stat. Deadly is a stat that if you have higher than your opponent, you can max ATK over them based on the difference. I was stoked to see we got a response from the devs, but it still raised some more questions. Specifically, how much more Deadly do you need to achieve Max ATK and if you are lower, are you just at minimum damage?

So armed with the extra information, I decided to press the developers further to review and confirm previous findings, and ultimately determined the true nature of Deadly.

The True Nature of Deadly

Finally — the moment we’ve all been waiting for. If you’ve read the long tiring story above, you may have come to the conclusion below already. Also — thanks for reading. In 3+ years playing this game, Deadly has always stuck out as that annoying stat that we should ‘just get more’ of and while I’m sure many players have already figured Deadly out with a lot of confidence, I had yet to see a clear explanation for the theories that had been presented. So, I wanted to express my excitement in clarifying with this post.

Deadly is like Toughness and has an offensive and defensive value. If your fusion (Char + Endo + Exo) Deadly is higher than your opponent’s modular Deadly, the difference determines your chance of hitting your max ATK. If it is lower, you have no chance to hit max attack and will get random numbers (if not also reduced to minimum damage). It does not matter how much ATK you have — Deadly only matters v opponent Deadly.

This description has been read, confirmed, and double confirmed by the developers themselves. Though, as I stress in the beginning of this post, I encourage you to test as needed. Some additional information they provided along with my responses was:

  • There is no way to achieve 100% Max ATK. Even when I compared our current working Toughness/Crit and Toughness/Parry|Dodge formulas, they stated it is not possible with Deadly. They do of course encourage players to try and find it if they are able. Personally, I think this is possible to find because our damage v wilds mobs remains stable and never changes. However, I also think it’s likely impractical unless your opponents are running around somehow with 0 Deadly and the developers might be leaning on a diminishing return on chance (like immunity and PVP seem to work as you increase those stats).
  • There is no tier, like PVP. If you increase PVP by 5 over your opponent, you might not notice a difference until you increase another 15 for 20 total PVP over your opponent, and the more PVP you get, the bigger the gap is in between tiers. With Deadly, each point higher is supposedly just a higher chance to hit your Max ATK. This remains a mystery to me because of preliminary tests below, thanks to Romain, EU Summoner. The tests seem to indicate you can reach stable numbers, increase Deadly, and reach new, stable numbers. Maybe there is some language barrier in what tier means in this case, but stable numbers that get bigger as you increase to me would indicate a tier. This is something more for Windstorm to determine with his ongoing scaling tests.
  • Yes, random numbers if you are lower in deadly. Devs said the numbers you will get if you have lower fusion Deadly than your opponents’ modular Deadly will just be random numbers. They had no formula to determine your output. I’m sure there is some way to determine whether you hit for 1 damage and 170,000 damage while still not hitting your Max ATK, but they weren’t budging on this point. This is likely only possible while both players are at Character v Character. Otherwise, fighting heroes, you will likely always have more fusion Deadly than your opponent’s outermost.

So there you go folks — Deadly demystified. We can stop worrying about ratios. Thanks again to 100in, Windstorm, BForster, Romain, and all players who assisted in the various stages of testing and re-testing. If I misrepresented anything or you missed out on credit that you need me to post up here, please let me know. I hope with this new clarity you will be able to enhance your build as you see fit.

Some Final Recommendations

If you’re wondering how to use this information it’s basically this:

The optimal place for offensive deadly is on character, like any offensive stat. If you run a build entirely dependent on your Exo being alive, stack up Deadly on Exo to further reduce your opponent’s damage on top of the mitigation you already have.

Below are tests done by Romain to show the increase in damage output when Fusion Deadly is increased v Unchanged Modular Deadly.


Test 1 :

Defender Exo Deadly: 31 470

Attacker Fusion Deadly: 82 439
Test 2 :

Defender Exo Deadly: 31,470

Attacker Fusion Deadly: 90,230
Test 3 :

Defender Exo Deadly: 31,470

Attacker Fusion Deadly: 96,010
Test 4:

Defender Exo Deadly: 31,470

Attacker Fusion Deadly: 101,590
Test 5:

Defender Exo Deadly: 31,470

Attacker Fusion Deadly: 114,900
Test 6:

Defender Exo Deadly: 31,470

Attacker Fusion Deadly: 122,743