Clan Dungeon is the newly added feature to the game which lets you play one of two instances against powerful bosses to win rewards. These rewards are necessary to indulge into the new content Hero Evolve, which we will cover in another guide. There are two different instances that can be triggered in clan dungeons, one of them being the Magic Transformation Laboratory, and the other being the Twins of the Land of Mirrors. Each will be covered below, with useful strategies and necessary stats needed to win.


Taking Part-

To be able to take part in this new gameplay, you need to water the clan tree a total of 5 times between all members of the clan. This means that gold clans can immediately take part whenever they want, assuming all members have watered. For silver clans, this means they will have to wait at least one day, due to them only having three members to water in a day. Once watered enough, the clan dungeon will open, and the clan leader will be able to pick a difficulty for the entire clan to challenge. All members of the clan can challenge at once, meaning that a gold clan can attack with five players, whereas a silver clan can only use their three. Upon dying three times in the dungeon you are then kicked out. However, as of (1.12018) you can just re-enter the dungeon. You can only take part in clan dungeon once a week.

Difficulty and Rewards-

As one would expect, the higher the difficulty, or “strength” of the dungeon, the more rewards you get upon completion. Strength in generally an indication of the amount of power a player needs to do adequately in the dungeon without too much struggle. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a player can’t defeat higher strength dungeons, it just means that it will take a bit more effort. The rewards given are all items used for Hero Evolve. For selecting a difficulty for your clan, go ahead and be bold. Since there is NO PEANLTY for failing a clan dungeon, you can shoot for the stars until you find a difficulty that your clan can challenge and defeat. Players who take part in the dungeon when it is defeated will receive the completion rewards and a bonus amount of evolution points (item used to strengthen hero cards). Player who do not take part will not receive these bonus items, ergo it is better to coordinate a time for your clan to defeat the dungeon together.

Magic Transformation Laboratory-

This instance of clan dungeons revolves around one central boss who uses strengthening pillars to boost his stats. To trigger the boss battle, players must find and destroy three of the same color pillars placed around the map at the start. Since these pillars don’t affect the boss much at the lower difficulties, it’s advisable that you coordinate with your clan members prior about which color you are going to destroy, and you seek out and only destroy the pillars of that color. At higher difficulties the pillars that you choose to destroy will determine how powerful the bosses stats will be. I advise that you destroy two of the blue and red pillars first, then destroy all of the green pillars to avoid having to heal with an excess amount of stats. This will save time for the actual boss encounter, which depending on how the fight goes, you may need lots of.

Once the boss has been summoned, work together with your clan members to chip away at its health. Note that it will use special attacks from time to time, so to avoid having your team take excessive damage, use a stun or combo (or hope for a lucky silence) to stop the attack. Once you chip away at his health, the boss will summon three pillars around him to strengthen his power. This cannot be avoided, as we tried to stun lock him to no avail. Once these pillars are spawned you must immediately destroy the green pillar. The green pillar gives the boss massive amounts of healing, making it impossible to kill while the green pillar is still up and running. Furthermore, if you let the green pillar heal the boss for too long, the boss will regain too much HP and it will be impossible to kill it before the timer runs out. The other two pillars, the red and blue ones, give him bonus ATK and DEF respectively. These are also necessary to destroy to keep your team alive and to be able to damage the boss adequately enough to win in time. However, they are not as important to destroy as the green pillar, as it will undo all your previous work if left alive for too long. In addition to buffing the boss, the pillars can also heal themselves- this means that you need to work as a team to destroy these pillars as fast as possible and then get back to hurting the boss. Preliminary testing has shown that the boss can only spawn the pillars one time- however this may not be true at higher difficulties as we tested on alts. The pillars spawn in certain fixed locations, however you will not know which color pillar spawns where. Ergo, find and destroy the green one immediately. Once the pillars have been destroyed and the boss is killed, you will have beaten the dungeon.

Twins of the Land of Mirrors-

This dungeon requires careful precision and teamwork to defeat. The gameplay revolves around two bosses: The King of Light and The King of Shadow. To get to these bosses you must first defeat the Guardian of Shadow/Guardian of Light. While it is not strictly necessary to defeat both, as you can only open one doorway before moving on, it is a good idea to defeat both to not waste time when respawning and trying to get back to the main two bosses.

Once at the areas with the bosses, you will notice that they are split into two sections, one containing the King of Light, and the other containing the King of Shadow. You individually will not be able to attack both bosses at the same time because of this, BUT your clan can split up and attack the bosses in teams of two and three to hurt the bosses at the same time. The bosses will have a myriad of special moves that do a lot of damage, therefor It is advisable to save stuns and combos for this to cancel their special attacks. The trick behind this dungeon? You need to kill the bosses at the same time to win. When your team kills one of the bosses, a 30 second timer will appear, indicating how much time you have left to kill the other boss. Should you succeed in killing the boss in the allotted amount of time, congratulations, you have beaten the dungeon. Should you fail however, the first boss you killed will respawn with FULL HEALTH, thus making you redo the process of whittling down its HP, something that may not be possible in the given time limit. Therefore, coordination is necessary, as if your teammates kill the boss too early, you may end up failing the dungeon. Note that in the update notice for this gameplay, the amount of time to kill the other boss without respawning the first one was stated to be 15 seconds, not 30. It is possible that it may be changed later.

Stats Needed-

These bosses are tough. Even at higher power, they can continuously parry your hits, thereby cutting your damage by more than half. To counteract this, you as a player need to acquire lots of fusion toughness. The more toughness you have on your fusion (exo, endo, and character combined), the more likely you will not parry the bosses, which will pave the way for critting them as well. Deploy can also help kill bosses through the use of viper bleed/toughness/ def reduction, however these bosses output large amounts of damage, so it’s more than likely that your deploy will die. Aside from stopping their parry, you will need large amounts of hero DEF and HP to avoid getting killed too quickly, as you cannot dodge these bosses’ normal attacks, and lots of offensive stats to dish out enough damage to kill the boss in time. Stopping parry is the most important thing to try for when taking stats for clan dungeon bosses, but if you find yourself incapable of not getting parried, then looks towards other offensive stats to deal damage- remember, you are on a team, so work together with your allies to avoid needless deaths, stopping special attacks, and taking the appropriate actions to win.