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Marriage / Weddings

Marriage The faster you get married, the faster you both will gain great benefits from it. Some benefits include, 5% DMG boost when partner is online or 10% DMG boost doing boss lair together, PvP power boost, extra titles,...

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Twilight Of The Gods And Armageddon War

Twilight Of The Gods Twilight of the Gods is an event feature that opens every Thursday 10:00 until Sunday 20:00. This event serves as the Qualification and Placement Round for Armageddon War. Top 40 Players can enter Armageddon...

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Zombie Crisis

Zombie Crisis Zombie Crisis Event Feature unlocks at Lv. 97. Event Time: 14:30-21:30, opens every hour, lasts bout 20 mins In this teamplay event, every player has equal power and only has their character health. You either get...

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Alliance Wars

Alliance Wars Alliance War Event starts at 22:00-22:13 every Wednesday and Saturday. Rewards include Gold Coins, Merit, Glory, Silver Whistles, and Seasonal rewards. ★ Registration Process: In order to participate in the...

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Boss Lair

Boss' Lair Boss’ Lair becomes available at Lvl. 50.   Guidelines for Boss’ Lair: ✦ Players only get two (2) tries per day ✦ Opens every hour from 14:00-21:00 Server Time ✦ There are 7 floors total ✦ Rewards...

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3v3 3v3 unlocks at Lvl. 60 3v3 mode allows players to fight other players in order to obtain glory. Guidelines for 3v3: ✦ Players can get a max of 800 glory, but tries are unlimited ✦ 3v3 is only available Mon-Wed for players...

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