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How do I raise my power?

How To Increase Power There are plenty of ways to gain or boost more power and PvP up! ★) Hero Enchantment – Unlocks Hero Talents/To Enchant: Need Mirage Crystals and Hero ★) Get Higher Grade Heroes – Get Grade 10...

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Gem System

Gems: Overview Embedding Gems unlocks at Level 52. [peek-chur] At first, all gem slots are locked and you will need to use magic gems to unlock the slot. First slot costs 10 gems, Second slot costs 30 gems and the Last slot...

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Gear System

Gear Strengthening Your Gear’s max Strengthening Level will increase as your Character Level increases! Every Character has 10 Gear slots. After equipping Gear you can use Coins to strengthen and increase their Levels. Gear...

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