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Category: Challenges

Stages & Zodiac

There are 2 Types of Stages: Common Stages and Boss Stages. COMMON STAGE BOSS STAGE For each Story Chapter, there is a total of 10 Stages (4 Boss Stages and 6 Common Stages). The next Chapter can only be unlocked once player...

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Alliance Campaign

Alliance Campaign: Overview   Alliance Campaign is a [new] game play challenge feature that unlocks at Level 113. Alliance members team-up together to play and earn points to increase the Clearance progress and win Assault Chest...

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Dragon City Mine Battle

Dragon Mine City Battle Dragon City Mine Battle unlocks at Lv.103. The game play features players to occupy resource mines and collect dragon crystals in Dragon Cities across the dragon continent map. By collecting dragon...

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Temple of Love

Temple of Love Temple of Love Challenge Feature requires you to be married in order to play. In this gameplay, you must try and complete as many tasks within 2 minutes. Partner team-up improves task rewards. You get only 2 tries...

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Master & Servant

Master & Servant Mode Master & Servant mode unlocks at Lv. 54. This game play allows players to capture other players and obtain treasures, gold, and exp. Here is some general information about Master & Servant: ✦...

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Underground Castle

Underground Castle Underground Castle unlocks at Lv.77. This game play allows players to fight mobs and earn huge rewards based on the floor you reach. Here are some guidelines to Underground Castle: ✦ You must find the key in...

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Dragon Coin Push

Drop your Dragon Coins into the machine to push the Gold off the edge. You can get Dragon Coins either from taking part in Alliance Dragonslaying, or buying them in the Coin Push. Players can get Gold and Mystery Chests by...

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Alliance Dragonslaying

After joining an Alliance, you can take part in Dragonslaying once a day for free. Attack the Golden Dragon and you’ll earn Dragon Coins according to the amount of Damage you cause, which you can then use in the Dragon Coin Push...

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Treasure Plunder

Treasure Plunder Treasure Plunder unlocks at Lv. 23. This game play feature lets players battle other players for treasure fragments. Players will also receive exp, coins, and other rewards for winning a challenge. Here are some...

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Dungeons & Nightmare Dungeons

Dungeons Nightmare Dungeons Nightmare Dungeons are difficult-level special, rare dungeons. They give out specific rewards depending on what type of dungeon it is.  These dungeons have also level requirements in order to take...

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Beanstalk feature unlocks at Lv. 57. Climb the vine and earn rewards on successive floors. You get 4 free challenge tries a day to challenge a Vine Guardian Boss on each Beanstalk floor. Afterwards, you have the Reset option to...

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Arena: Overview Arena unlocks at Lv.17. This game play feature allows players to fight against other players in order to receive a ranking and several rewards. It is different from other PvP features in that it is not a live...

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